Why picking light-coloured pots for your garden is the key to stunning plants as you’ll need to water them less

AS THE pandemic encourages to stay home as much as possible, now is the perfect opportunity to focus your attentions on your garden.

What's more, there are small tweaks you can make to your own back yard that will allow you to spend less time doing maintenance – and more time enjoying it in this month's record-breaking sunshine.

One of the best gardening hacks to make the weeks in lockdown a lot easier is to choose light-coloured plant pots.

This simple decision will actually mean you don't need to water so much – particularly in hot weather – according to an expert.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Melissa King – a TV presenter and gardening whizz based in Australia – revealed that she had chosen white pots to decorate her outdoor space for this reason.

Opting for a lighter, neutral colour, which can also include sandy beige and pale grey, means they can better deflect sunlight.

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This will reduce heat absorption and mean the plants don't try out as quickly – so that they require less water.

It comes as Stacey Solomon revealed how she had made stunning garden shelves using old crates.

The TV star, taking to her Instagram Story, revealed: "I'm sitting in the garden trying to make shelves out of these old crates."

Initially, the mum-of-three had intended to use the crates as plant beds, but hilariously admitted to being '"rubbish at growing anything," so decided to make the shelves instead.

Armed with empty crates and screw hooks, Stacey got to work on manually screwing in the hooks along one of the wood panels.

To hang the new shelves, she used Command hooks, rather than drilling holes in the fence.

The crafty star shared a snap of the completed shelves, which were hung at different heights on the garden fence.

Inside, she placed some plants and a candle to decorate, while garden tools hung from the gold hooks.

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