Woman shows how to make Oreo Truffles and you only need three ingredients

A WOMAN has shared her recipe to make mouth-watering Oreo truffles – and you only need three ingredients. 

If you were craving something sweet but aren’t a whizz in the kitchen, foodie Eloise Head claimed this dessert doesn’t require any ‘cooking or baking’. 

She shared a tutorial to Instagram, revealing all you need to whip up the truffles is Oreos, cream cheese and white chocolate. 

Eloise wrote: “No baking or cooking required.

“If you’re an Oreo Lover you NEED to try these.” 

Revealing the process, she said you’ll need about nine Oreo cookies for the mix, which you have to crush first. 

She said: “Crush these up using a bag and rolling pin or a food processor.”

If you don’t have either to hand, you can use whatever you’ve got in your kitchen to crush the cookies such as the bottom of a dish or a wine bottle. 

She continued: “Pour them into a bowl then add 60g of cream cheese and mix this in until fully combined. 

Oreo truffle recipe

  • 9 Oreos (crushed)
  • 60g Cream Cheese (softened)
  • 120g White Chocolate (melted)

“Scoop up about a tablespoon of a mix and roll it into a ball using your hand.”

You’ll need a baking tray to place your rolled balls on, and then pop them into the freezer for around half an hour. 

In the meantime you can prep the rest of the truffle, starting by melting your white chocolate.

Eloise said: “One by one coat your Oreo balls until they’re completely covered in the chocolate.”

Now for the finishing touch, as she added: “Sprinkle them with some leftover Oreo crumbs and let them set in the fridge. 

“They're super easy and super delicious.”

Thousands of people have liked her recipe, and immediately made the truffles themselves. 

Commenting online, one person said: “Wow amazing!

"I’m making them right now.”

Another wrote: “I made these last night and let me just say they are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! 

“They were so quick and easy to make too!! Loved this 10/10 would recommend.”

A third added: “This looks amazing.”

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