Women are more likely to be naughty than men… but will feel incredibly guilty after while men don't care, survey finds | The Sun

WOMEN are more likely to be naughty than men – but will feel guilty after, research has revealed.

Females are twice as likely to sneak their own food into the cinema, pretend to be busy to get out of something or steal a child's chocolate.

Yet women are the most honest, with 64 per cent happy to confess to their "crimes" compared to just 58 per cent of men.

And while 28 per cent of females feel guilty after doing something they shouldn’t, only 19 per cent of men feel the same way.

Some 41 per cent of women admit to throwing something that can be recycled into the normal waste bin – compared to just 26 per cent of men, according to a study of 2,000 adults.

A third of women owned up to keeping their head down to avoid an acquaintance they don’t want to talk to, but just 17 per cent of males said they do the same.

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And 13 per cent of women have dropped something on the floor and still served it to someone – something only seven per cent of guys said they would do.

Women are more likely to say nothing when they are given too much change.

They'll also claim to have not received a text or email after forgetting to reply and pretend to be on the phone when walking past a charity collector.

Meanwhile, men are more likely to shake up a fizzy drink before giving it to someone or serve meat to a vegetarian if they have no other options.

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Andrew Denton, a spokesperson for Best Western, which commissioned the research, said: “So its official, women are naughty and nice.

“They admit to doing more bad things than men, but they also feel more guilty.

“We think life would be boring if everyone was sensible, and it’s good to be individual and a little cheeky, however it looks like women are the ones who want to put their wrongs right in search of some good karma. Good for you girls.”

The study also found 49 per cent of adults have a naughty streak, with other common misdemeanours including claiming to have no signal when they don't really want to talk to someone on the phone and pleading ignorance after spilling food or drink on items of clothing or home furnishing.

Others admitted to pinching a beer glass from a bar and leaving the tiniest sliver of toilet paper on the roll after using it, so they wouldn’t be the one who has to change it.

But it seems Brits get more sensible with age, with 18-26-year-old Gen Z, and 27-42-year-old Millennials twice as likely to do something mischievous than 41-56-year-old Gen X or 57-75-year-old Boomers.

Those in the younger group, aged 18-26, do something "naughty" more than three times a week on average, while 27-42 year olds follow close behind with nearly the same number.

In comparison, this drops to only twice a week for Gen X adults and just over once for Boomers.

However, 26 per cent of 18–26-year-olds admitting to feeling guilty when they do something they shouldn’t while only 18 per cent of the older age group said the same.

The research, commissioned via OnePoll, also found 61 per cent of all adults will happily "fess up" if they’ve done something cheeky.

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Four in 10 admit they sometimes feel the need to do something good to make up for their mischievous behaviour, such as performing a good deed (57 per cent) or buying a gift (27 per cent).

Take the quiz to find out how naughty you are.

Top 10 indiscretions

  1. Smuggled your own food or drink into the cinema
  2. Put something recyclable in the normal bin
  3. Pretended to be busy to get out of doing something
  4. Told a lie to get out of trouble
  5. Kept your head down or pretended to be on your phone when seeing an acquaintance you don’t really want to talk to
  6. Spent longer in the toilet than you needed to get some extra peace and quiet
  7. Not mentioned it when you are given too much change
  8. Taken a beer glass from a pub or bar
  9. Given something a "quick rinse" instead of washing up
  10. Pretended to throw a ball for a dog then watched it run off chasing nothing

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