You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the blue-eyed fox in woodland optical illusion in under 25 seconds | The Sun

A WOODLAND optical illusion has stumped onlookers as they try to find the blue-eyed fox in the cartoon.

Hidden among the many brown-eyed foxes in the scenic forest is one blue-eyed stealthy creature.

If you can spot it in under 25 seconds, you have 20/20 vision.

Do you see it?

According to the image creators, Book an Eye Test, the puzzle takes an average of one minute and 13 seconds to solve.

But one eagle-eyed player managed to find the unique fox among its flurry friends in just 25 seconds.

If you are struggling to solve this brainteaser, look to your left.

Still can't find it? Look close to the tree at the foxes by one of the stumps

There it is! Right below the fox crouched down on a stump.

If you are up for another mind-bending illusion, here's another image featuring 16 hidden animal and human faces.

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This optical illusion has 16 hidden animal and human faces – can you find all of them?Credit: Alamy

The predominant animal within the drawing is yet again another fox, but can you find the other 15 figures?

This image titled The Puzzled Fox shows the cunning animal climbing a tree as three birds watch.

The 12 other creatures are a bit harder to spot.

In fact, this puzzle has been tricking onlookers since US printmakers Currier and Ives produced it in 1872.

Nearly 150 later, the brainteaser has confused illusion lovers yet again.

The fox is surrounded by other animals – including a horse, lamb, and a now-extinct passenger pigeon.

A sheep can also be seen nestling at the base of the tree, while a boar is lurking in the undergrowth.

A trio of human faces is also disguised by the tree trunk on the left, while another two are displayed on the tree on the right.

And there are a couple more faces veiled by the forest floor to decipher too.

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