You’ve been using tin foil wrong your whole life and the right way stops that annoying crinkling

DO you find you are constantly ruining your roll of tin foil by ripping it off wrong? Think this is something you have to learn to live with? Well, think again because we have the answer.

One woman has revealed the correct way to use a roll of tin foil – and many of us have been doing it wrong our whole lives.

Taking to her TikTok account where she posts under the domain @bornunicornyt the woman shows the correct way to use tin foil – ensuring you avoid ripping down the middle.

"You've Been Doing This Wrong Your Whole Life," she said as she shows what not to do – which is pulling the roll from the box and freestyle ripping it off as you go.

In her video, she demonstrates how the side corners of a tin foil box fold back and act as a holder for your tin foil- thus the roll stays in place and never falls out of the box.

"Some people may already know this but I am so passionate about making life easier," said the woman.

Adding: "I think everything needs an instruction manual for real! I mean there is a purpose for so many things they just don't tell us

Pulling it off she shows how much simpler the process now is, in her post that has been viewed over 11k times.

The post has also been met with a range of comments, with many thanking the woman for sharing the hack they never knew.

"This is the only thing I've seen on TikTok is a hack that's actually true," said one person.

"I just thought this to my husband" commented another.

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