You’ve been using your baby changing mat all wrong – & this mum hack could save you from a lot of mess

THOUGHT you had nailed using your baby changing mat? One mum has revealed you're probably doing it all wrong while sharing how she uses her and it's guaranteed to keep things mess free.

TikTok user Daisy Woods (@muddlethroughmummy) highlighted that there's a much more effective way to use a baby changing mat, as she shared her quick and easy hack online.

In the video, she reveals that by simply turning the changing mat around, you can save yourself and your carpet from any accidents.

Using a doll to demonstrate, she places it down on the mat so that its feet are above the only edge that hasn't been bordered in.

"Oh my god, mum hack – if you've been using your changing mat this way around, like me, it turns out this is not the most effective use for it," Daisy explains.

The mum then turns the mat around so the only free edge is at the top above the baby's head – meaning the bottom now has a framed edge.

She says: "If you use it the other way around and they have an accident whilst on the matt it will collect here (points to blocked edge) and it won't go on your carpet."

Since posting the hack on TikTok, Daisy's video has been viewed nearly 900k times, with hundreds of fellow mums commenting on her post.

They couldn't believe they hadn't already though of the trick, with one mum commenting: "How did I not know this after 3 kids? I shall start doing this way tomorrow."

Another said: "I wish I'd have known this," while a third wrote: "Why I'm only just finding this out as well is beyond."

One person added: "Omg this makes sense it will stop it running off, why am I just realising this lol."

One mum revealed they came across the hack a little too late, as they shared: "I learnt the hard way at 3am on the bed."

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