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A FASHION pro has shared how they spot people making the exact same mistake when it comes to styling their dresses.

But the good news is that there’s an easy style solution that will fix the problem and elevate your look at the same time.

Social media user Kenzie runs a successful TikTok account where she offers styling tips and advice.

And in one of her most recent posts shared via her profile @stylingwithkenzie, she said she needed to point out that people had been wearing their dresses wrong – and how they could sort it. 

She said that whenever you buy a dress that comes with a belt in the same material, you should bin the belt immediately. 

Instead, you should reach for your own accessory to make the most of the look. 

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Kenzie told her 450k followers: “If your dress comes with a matching belt, replace it with your own belt to help elevate and personalise your look.”

Going into more detail about why this was the right fashion decision, she continued:  “Here’s why you should stop wearing dresses with matching belts.

“By adding your own belt, it helps to personalise the look and makes your style look a lot more elevated and expensive.

“You can go with a simple belt like this one,” she continued, as she pointed out her black leather piece with a simple, silver, square buckle.

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The TikToker then used another example of how the outfit could be made to look better in seconds.

This time, she opted for a small chain belt and said that it gave it some much-needed “added texture.”

But she also had plenty more style tricks up her sleeves, as she continued: “Another tip is to take the fabric and pinch it in the front and also in the back.

“It helps to eliminate any bulk on the sides.”

And Kenzie’s social media followers were quick to agree with her observation.

One said: “Such a great tip! Thanks for sharing.”

A second person added: “Loving it with the chain belt.”

A third wrote: “The chain belt!!!

“Immediate upgrade. Amazing tips as always.”

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