'Unorthodox': The Real Woman Who Inspired the Netflix Series Says 'Women Make the Story Real'

Unorthodox is a Netflix drama series that came out on Mar. 26 of this year. The limited series portrays the life of a Hasidic Jewish girl named Esty Shapiro. We see her grow up, get married, and then–run away.

The character of Esty is loosely based on a writer named Deborah Feldman. Her 2012 memoir Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, inspired the scenes in the series set in the Orthodox Jewish community. She says that while many people found her community to be patriarchal, Feldman saw it differently. Women, she says, carry the stories forward.

What is the Satmar Jewish community?

In addition to the four-episode Netflix series, the streaming platform released a short documentary titled Making Unorthodox. The 20-minute show portrays behind-the-scenes tidbits.

In the short, Unorthodox co-creator Alexa Karolinski explained that the Satmar Jews, the community that Feldman grew up, is “a Hasidic community.” Its Brooklyn, New York, founders hail from the town of Satmar, Hungary. Many of them are Holocaust survivors who emigrated to New York after World War II.

Unlike many ultra-Orthodox communities, who have their traditions long before the war, the Satmar community did so after the Holocaust.

“It is founded by people who are struggling with the most immense trauma we can imagine,” Feldman contributed in Making Unorthodox. “This trauma was a very driving force behind the ideological structures of this community.”

Because the Satmar Jews are often closed off from mainstream pop culture, Unorthodox was a novel experience for many in this community.

“People like me never saw ourselves reflected back in the stores told in popular culture,” Feldman said in the mini-documentary. Michal Birnbaum, an actress in the series who was also raised in a Hasidic Jewish community, said the series was a powerful experience.

“I think this is the first show ever to accurately portray the Hasidic community,” Birnbaum said.

Deborah Felmdan, ‘Unorthodox’ author on women in her community

Many scenes in Unorthodox depict women under the control and influence of men–especially the rabbi. This leads many to believe that the Satmar men run a sexist, oppressive society.

But in many ways, the author didn’t find that to be her experience. She revealed that in an interview with the New York Times.

“When I married my husband, I just remember being so impressed — in a bad way — by the fact that he was completely in the grips of his mother,” Feldman told the publication. “It took him a very long time to free himself from that.”

The memoir author also recalled experiences in college courses at Sarah Lawrence, which she began taking after she got married.

When classmates in a feminist philosophy class told her “you left the patriarchy,” she found it confusing. She said of her former community that the women in her life were the ones who “betrayed” her:

Well, if I left the patriarchy, where were all the men in this patriarchy? Why were they always bent over books while the people who oppressed me were women? Why was it that the people who hurt me the most were my aunt, mother-in-law, female teachers, the female mikvah attendant, the female Kallah teacher and the female sex therapist?

For Feldman, growing up in the Satmar community made her view the men differently than current-day Unorthodox viewers do of the male characters in the series.

“I had so little interaction with men, and the little I had made me see men as very passive and stuck,” she said.

‘Unorthodox’ memoir author says that ‘women make the story real’

Deborah Feldman continued on her perspective on men and women in the Times interview. She shared this powerful sentiment: “Men tell the story and women make the story real. Women make the story happen.”

On Unorthodox the Netflix limited series, the writer said:

… if you look at the story of Esty, it’s women who are making the decisions. It’s the women she’s interacting with, who are basically the driving force behind community life, the engine behind the story. If you watch the series with this in mind, you realize that the men are actually kind of passive figures carried along by the story. They play the roles in how it’s been told, but it’s the women who make the story go on.

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Too Hot To Handle location: Where is Too Hot to Handle filmed?

Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix now and fans of Love Island and Love is Blind will not want to miss the new series. Where is the series filmed? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Where is Too Hot to Handle filmed?

Too Hot to Handle sees 10 singleton’s travel to paradise in search of love.

The cast, which is made up of contestants from the UK, Canada, Ireland, the US and Australia are staying in a luxurious villa in Mexico.

There, they will have the chance to win the $100,000 prize, if they can live for 30 days without engaging in any sex, foreplay, kissing and no self-gratification.

If they do break the rules, and judging by the trailer for the series this will happen a lot, the cash prize will decrease every time they do.

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  • Love Is Blind: Cameron Hamilton makes confession on meeting Lauren

Where exactly the villa is located in Mexico remains unknown but hopefully, all of the details will be revealed as the show goes on.

Express.co.uk will update this article when more information is available.

Filming for Too Hot to Handle took place in 2019, and the contestants have been sworn to secrecy until now.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight 22-year-old, Chloe Vietch, a contestant on the show revealed what it was like to live in the villa.

She said: “I thought it was going to be just like a dating show. You get to go there, there’s, like, fit guys, hot girls, you get put in these different challenges together, and you hook up.

“When I heard that we were not allowed to kiss, a part of me was glad because I don’t want my nan or my mom to see me do rumpy bumpy on the TV.

“It was very exciting, but it was a bit of a bummer at the same time.”

Chloe added: “We filmed for around a month, and it was the most amazing month of my life.

“I’m just full of excitement right now. Like, my adrenaline is just ‘Ahh!’ I can’t believe it’s actually happening.”

Love Is Blind star Lauren hits out at fans over Netflix portrayal 
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Love is Blind season 2 release date, cast, trailer, plot

Who are the Too Hot to Handle contestants?

There are 10 contestants in Too Hot to Handle, five boys and five girls.

The contestants come from all over the world and have to live together for one month having never met before.

Chloe Vietch is 20-years-old and is from Essex, United Kingdom.

Hayley Cureton is a business student from Florida and animal shelter volunteer.

Hayley is 22-year’s old and is open to relationships with both the boys and the girls.

Francesca Fargo is 26-years-old and is from British Columbia, Canada.

She is a travel influencer who once dated DJ Diplo.


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Rhonda Paul is a model from Atlanta, Georgia.

Nicole O’Brien is an Irish marketing consultant, living in London.

Sharon Townsend is a personal trainer from New Jersey.

David Birtwhistle is 26-years-old from London and describes himself as a “nice guy.”

Harry Jowsey is 22-years-old and from Queenstown, Australia.

Kelechi ‘Kelz’ Dyke is 6ft 6 and comes from Austria but moved to the UK when he was 13.

He plays for the London Warriors American football team.

Matthew Smith is from Colorado and has previously taken part in America’s Next Top Model.

Sharron Townsend is from New Jersey, US.

He works as a professional kids wrestling coach and was crowned Mr Pennsylvania in 2018.

Too Hot to Handle is streaming on Netflix now

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'90 Day Fiancé': Babygirl Lisa Comes For Big Ed On Instagram

90 Day Fiancé stars have been known to get into their own spats with each other from time to time. It’s been a while since the last big blowout between Laura Jallai and Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber, so it seems the time was ripe for a new feud. This time, it’s ‘Babygirl’ Lisa Hamme and ‘Big’ Ed. Ed made a comment on Instagram recently that had some fans raising eyebrows. Ed declared himself the most authentic reality television star in the franchise’s history, and ‘Babygirl’ Lisa Hamme was not having it. Here’s what went down. 

Big Ed suggests he’s one of the most authentic ‘90 Day Fiancé’ stars

View this post on Instagram

Mayo night it works lol..!

A post shared by Big Ed (@thisisbiged) on

90 Day Fiancé star Big Ed has been facing a lot of criticism from fans of the show following some of his interactions with Rose. Notably, fans have called out Ed for criticising Rose by asking her to shave her legs, despite his own disheveled daily appearance on the show. 

Additionally, some fans have felt as if Big Ed has been insensitive to Rose’s living situation and level of poverty. When he visited Rose and her family at their home, he seemed consistently shocked by how poor they were, and the state of their home — and he did little to mask it, often mentioning it to them or while they were in earshot. 

Despite this criticism, Big Ed also has his diehard fans. Now, he’s suggesting that he’s one of the most authentic stars on the show following all the hate he’s received. 

A fan wrote to Big Ed on Instagram, “Kudos to you Ed. Some of these people are so damn mean and ignorant.”

Big Ed replied, “I know I get a kick out of this it’s so funny. Do you wanna hear something even more funny all the haters out there made me the most authentic reality star on 90 Day Fiancé history, look it up online. God bless everybody happy Easter I have to go make some videos. All my loves.” 

Babygirl Lisa Hamme comes for Big Ed 

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Love cycling..!

A post shared by Big Ed (@thisisbiged) on

Once fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Babygirl Lisa Hamme caught wind of Big Ed’s claim, she was not happy. She took to Instagram to try and deflate Ed’s ego somewhat. 

Lisa Hamme wrote a lengthy post directed at Big Ed. She wrote, “Ok BGL going go on soapbox for a hot a** minute @thisisbiged your statement is really a myth because the real MVPs are the fans any 90day production is truly a team effort to entertain fans so I’m sure from what I’m reading ppl are definitely seeing it’s a team effort to create an record shows and production team made you an all the way we are seen on television so I see where you lost your way Ed no one is an instant celebrity because we appeared on a television show let’s try an stay grounded because past present and future cast are a team it’s not any singular person to be as you say realest Ed ok [sic].”

Babygirl Lisa later revealed that Ed has blocked her on Instagram following her reply to his comment.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans react to the spat

90 Day Fiancé fans have had varying reactions to Ed’s comments and Lisa Hamme’s reply. One Instagram commenter said, “I shudder to imagine desperate fans slipping into Ed’s DMs making him think he’s the star of the show. He’s number one for repulsiveness.”

Another wrote, “Why do you dislike big E, he’s got a huge heart and he’s a kind man.” Lisa Hamme and Big Ed are both divisive cast members, so it’s no surprise that fans may be having polar opposite reactions to the feud. 

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Tom Hardy, Is That You? Check Out These Amazing On-Screen Transformations!

Tom Hardy in Capone

Driver opened up to Interview magazine about losing an incredible amount of weight for his role in Martin Scorsese’s film Silence.

“He asked us to,” Driver said, referring to the director. While shedding the pounds was incredibly difficult, the Girls actor respected the process. “I can’t control what’s happening in scenes, but I could control when I ate food,” he said. “And that visual part of the storytelling, I don’t think I’ve ever taken it to the extreme before. It’s an interesting thing.”

16 of 16

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The Masked Singer on FOX: Banana ‘next to be eliminated’ as fans spot worrying clue

The Masked Singer saw yet another contestant being sent home last week as Jordyn Woods was revealed as Kangaroo. Now, following last night’s episode which saw no-one eliminated – much to the dismay of fans – and with just a handful of contestants left, Fox viewers are excited to see who will come out on top at the end of the competition.


A number of the masked celebrities are favourites in the fandom, with some coming out higher than others.

One huge favourite is Banana – whose identity has eluded fans since his arrival on the show.

Now, however, fans of the show have become convinced his time may be up, as the final episodes will begin to kickstart some versus rounds.

During these rounds, singers will go head-to-head with one other contestant, with just one making it through to the next round.


  • The Masked Singer on FOX: Astronaut to be unmasked as a Jonas brother?

And now, with fans dissecting some of the latest images of the upcoming episode, they are beginning to fear the end of Banana’s reign.

In particular, they are pointing out Banana is singing at a piano, most likely using a ballad to battle for his spot on the show.

Speaking out on Reddit, viewers have pointed out that Banana will most likely be going up against Kitty or Rhino, leaving Banana with a slim chance of surviving any type of sing-off.

One fan wrote on the forum: “I’m like super worried for this episode because if Banana goes to the smackdown against Kitty or Frog he will lose.

“And I will not be happy if lil Banana don’t get to the episode where Gordon Ramsay is a guest judge. So yeah i’m super worried.” (sic).

Another agreed as they added: “While I am still confident that Frog will beat Kitty, Banana VS Rhino is now a 50/50 chance, with the Banana playing the piano in his preview.”

Although Banana is a strong favourite with the fans because of his vibrant personality and fun demeanour, he may not be the best singer in the competition.

Does this mean he will be the next contestant to be sent home?

Meanwhile, fans of the show have become convinced they have figured out who is behind the mask of Night Angel.

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Viewers have recently started suggesting Night Angel is none other than former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland.

Speaking out on this theory, one fan wrote on Reddit: “The hints are Empire which she was a guest on, doing the ‘no no no no’ gesture to the sweet tea.

“Four is the number of Grammy’s she’s won and ‘lending a helping wing’ is alluding to her charity the ‘Survivor’s Foundation’.”

Fans also pointed out a hugely telling sentence Night Angel said during the last episode, which also alludes to her being a former member of Destiny’s Child.


  • The Masked Singer on FOX: Fans think Astronaut isn’t Hunter Hayes

The contestant announced: “Destiny led me back to the stage and hopefully I can give you a million reasons why I belong here.”

However, this wasn’t a theory that every member of the fandom believed in, as some refused to agree it was truly Kelly behind the mask.

One fan responded: “She doesn’t sound like Kelly Rowland AT ALL.”

The Masked Singer continues every Wednesday on Fox.

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What was Brian Dennehy’s net worth at the time of his death?

Veteran actor Brian Dennehy, 81, died in Connecticut of natural causes on April 15, 2020, his talent agency, ICM Partners, confirmed to CNN

Dennehy, who leaves behind his wife, Jennifer Arnott, and five children, starred in many classic movies, TV shows, and plays throughout his five-decade career in Hollywood. Most notably, the former marine had roles in Silverado, First Blood, and he played actor Chris Farley’s dad in Tommy Boy. Dennehy was “often called on to play an everyman or an authority figure: athletes and sheriffs, bartenders, salesmen and fathers,” as The New York Times noted.

The accomplished actor also won two Tony Awards, including a 1999 win for best actor in Death of a Salesman, and he earned his second in 2003 for best actor in Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night.

It’s obvious Dennehy led a very successful life, and now some fans are curious to know where his triumphs landed him financially.

Money wasn't everything for Brian Dennehy

As a Tony and Golden Globe winner who was inducted into the American Theatre Hall of Fame, it’s fair to reason Brian Dennehy made a lot of money during his life. When you also consider Dennehy once worked as a Merril Lynch stockbroker before he made it big, it’s not surprising his reported net worth is $12 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. Fame and business acumen is one heck of a combo.

However, despite his riches, Dennehy realized money wasn’t everything. “Three or four years ago I had an ashen taste in my mouth,” he explained to The New York Times in 1988. “I had done a lot of movies, made a lot of money, and it didn’t really mean a hell of a lot.” 

The actor’s dissatisfaction inspired him to pursue meatier roles, continuing, “I mean, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye. But when I started doing theater again, I realized that what is interesting to me is the work – not celebrity or getting tables at restaurants, but new challenges. I’ll do the movies and hope some of them will be good, but an increasing amount of my time is going to be spent doing things I’m not sure I can do. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Nicki Swift gives its condolences to Brian Dennehy’s family, and we remember the other celebrities we’ve lost in 2020.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith and 'Girls Trip' Co-Stars Are "All Down" To Do A Sequel But Want To Make Sure It's Done Right

The Flossy Posse’s back together again!

During the latest episode of Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith had a virtual reunion with her Girls Trip co-stars amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While having some lighthearted fun on the video call, the cast opened up about coming together for a real-life reunion on the big screen for Girls Trip 2, which is something they’re all on board to do, but only if “the story is worthy of a sequel.”

The actresses are looking forward to working together again

The Girls Trip cast just gave an update on a possible second film while coming together for a virtual meetup.

On a brand new episode of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch, Pinkett Smith virtually reunited with her Girls Trip co-stars Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, and Queen Latifah, where they talked about everything from dating and celebrity crushes to their self-quarantining activities.

Later on in the episode, the cast revealed whether they’re looking to reunite on the big screen for Girls Trip 2.

Though Hall says she and her castmates are on board to do a sequel, they’re holding out on it until the concept is something everyone will be proud of.

“I think we’re all down, we just want to make sure it’s amazing,” the actress said. “That it’s the right thing and a great thing.”

Ever since starring together in Girls Trip back in 2017, the women have been vocal about the possibility of a second film.

Back in 2019, Hall told Entertainment Tonight that she’d like to see the Flossy Posse reassemble for another crazy adventure, but explained that she and the cast didn’t want the new film to be a flop.

“I think it’s about the timing and also everyone wants to make sure that the story’s worthy of a sequel,” she said. “We don’t want y’all talking about us ’cause then y’all will be like, ‘Why’d they do a second one? They should have just left it alone.’”

She added, “I know that they are trying really hard to come up with the perfect idea.”

The cast has been meeting regularly to discuss making the sequel

Despite Girls Trip being a box office success — grossing $140 million worldwide, with over $100 million in the U.S. alone — Universal Studios has pressed back on giving a sequel the green light.

While the studio considered making a second film, Haddish recently revealed that they’re holding off on doing so because of the casts’ salary demands.

“Then it was like, ‘Oh, you guys want too much money,’” she explained to The Huffington Post in March 2020.

The actress reportedly said that she made around $80,000 for the first film (and she’s definitely worth a lot more than that now).

Though the studio is stalling a sequel, Haddish revealed that Tracy Oliver, who co-wrote the script for the first film with Kenya Barris, has a treatment ready to go.

She also shared that the cast regularly comes together, via Zoom, to discuss possible angles for a sequel and even agreed to write a script together.

“We might decide not to even make it Girls Trip,” Haddish said. “Maybe we’ll do a different story just in case no one wants to make Girls Trip 2.”

It sounds like the cast could be cooking up something great for a Girl Trip sequel, and hopefully, they’ll get this film going sometime soon.

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Ozark season 2 cast: Who plays Buddy in Ozark? Who is actor Harris Yulin?

The popular series Ozark returned to Netflix for a third season earlier this month and fans have already watched the whole series. 

All 10 episodes were released in one go, with many fans watching them in a marathon viewing session.

Season one garnered an almost cult-like following since its premiere and viewers were just as excited to catch up with the Byrde family and their burgeoning criminal empire in the Ozarks this time around.

One character that fans are asking about in season two is that of Buddy Dyker (played by Harris Yulin).

Who is Buddy in Ozark season 2?

Buddy Dyker is the sick man who shares his living quarters with the Byrde family when they move to the Ozarks in season one.

Despite his poor health, the character is a fighter who is unafraid to ruffle a few feathers.

The 82-year-old has terminal heart failure and the Byrde family rented his home with a condition he was to stay in the home until his dies.

Doctors gave Buddy a life expectancy of 12 to 18 months but he showed his true spirit.

He is also perhaps one of the few likeable characters on the show.

After connecting with each of the Byrdes in a different way, in season two he finally passes away.

He dies in episode five after helping Wendy (Laura Linney) burn down the Snells’ poppy field.

After carrying his oxygen with him for much of the series, his part in this scheme by the Byrdes is what eventually led to him passing away.


He dies on the journey home in the car as Wendy rambles on about the family moving to the Gold Coast in Australia.

His death seems to affect Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) the most.

The teen contacts some of Buddy’s old friends from Detroit and says that the old man was his only real friend.

In season one, Buddy rented his house to the Byrdes on the condition that he got to stay there too until he died.

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Who is actor Harris Yulin in Ozark season 2?

Harris Yulin is an American actor who has starred in over 100 different movies and television shows.

His most notable roles include playing corrupt cop Mel Bernstein in Scarface and Judge Weller in Ghostbusters.

The 80-year old’s television acting credits include roles in Fraiser, 24, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Billions, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Damages.

Since Ozark he has starred in a number of TV series including Divorce, For The People and Murphy Brown. 

Speaking about his character, Yulin said that Buddy is “gruff and short-tempered” but “open to new thoughts, ideas and people”.

“Toward the end, he feels very proprietary toward the family, sort of like they’re becoming his,” Yulin said.

“He had to look out for them, take care of them.”

Ozark is available to watch on Netflix now

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Dynamo performed magic as a kid to thugs on tough estate who’d have battered him if he was no good – The Sun

HE has levitated over the tallest building in Britain and walked on the Thames — but now Dynamo is taking on the world’s most powerful man.

The UK’s top magician is using his skills to pass through Donald Trump’s controversial wall between Mexico and the US.

Bradford-born Dynamo says his tough upbringing on one of the most deprived areas in England means he is not afraid of anybody — not even the perma-tanned President.

The 37-year-old trickster — real name Steven Frayne — said: “Growing up in the Delph Hill Estate, I performed magic to ruffians who would have battered me if I got it wrong. It’s put me in good stead.

“When I’m creating magic the agenda is to create the most amazing thing. It’s not political. I have to be fearless in order to attempt these things. It’s not exactly like I asked for anyone’s permission.”

Trump was actually the least of Dynamo’s worries during the making off his new three-part Sky One series Beyond Belief. He was alone as he entered Mexico, leaving him vulnerable to drug gangs who might kidnap him.

Dynamo revealed: “It was very risky. The area I crossed into is just on the outskirts of Juarez which has high cartel activity. It was very daunting. I had to try and get to a certain meeting point.

“All the camera crew was left in America. I think the adrenaline helped me keep going. It’s probably one of the riskiest things I’ve ever attempted, but I’m so glad that I did it.”

The magician’s new series is a staggering turnaround after he was left fighting for his life in 2017. He had become the first illusionist to sell out three nights at London’s O2 Arena when a bout of food poisoning led to arthritis and left him in hospital for almost six months.

Since he was a teen, Dynamo has lived with Crohn’s disease — a condition which affects the digestive system and leaves sufferers in extreme pain. But his new health battle looked like it might end his career.

Doctors told him that they were not sure he would ever hold a pack of cards again, let alone tour the world. He said: “Magic is the thing I love more than anything else. I didn’t want to give it up.

“But it was touch and go wherever I would be able to perform again. The doctors said that they weren’t sure if they could find any medicine or anything that would clear up the arthritis.

“I’ve had Crohn’s for many years, so I knew how to deal with that in some respects, but with the arthritis it was something completely new. And I’d relied so much on my skills and my dexterity over the years, so I did take it for granted.”

His new series opens with the chilling 999 call from his wife Kelly asking for an ambulance after he started coughing up blood. It was later in hospital, during a series of dreams triggered by the morphine given to him for the pain, that Dynamo first conceived the tricks that feature in the programme.

He said: “I still had my mind. I knew I had magic in me, irrespective of whether or not I could physically perform it myself or not. I just had to try and find a new way to put it out there and actually started to develop it while I was in a hospital bed.”

One of Dynamo’s incredible sequences sees him drive a taxi blindfold backwards through the streets of Moscow.

He says: “The police pulled us over and there was very loud shouting going on between our translator and the police. If you’re a policeman and you see that happening on the road, you’re going to pull them over. It was inevitable it would happen. We were lucky that we managed to drive around as much as we did before it happened.”

But the incident didn’t end with Dynamo in a Russian jail cell. He chuckled: “Luckily they managed to sort it all out. It turns out my show Magician Impossible had been very popular in Russia. They understood who we were and we were filming a programme. They were kind of excited.”

But a stint in prison is not far from where Dynamo predicts he might have ended up had he not been introduced to magic as a child by his beloved great-grandfather.

Former serviceman Kenneth Walsh became his role model and taught him the tricks he had learned while in the navy during World War Two.

The eldest of four children, Dynamo was brought up by his mother Nicky Goodwin after his dad, who died in 2015, walked out on the family.

Dynamo said: “He went to jail when I was four years old so I didn’t really get to see him. If I followed in his footsteps or his friends that were still around I could have ended up following his path which wouldn’t have been ideal.

“When I go back to Bradford now, it saddens me in some respects. I see people still doing the same job that they were doing when I left over 20 years ago, and I’m not discrediting them.

"It doesn’t matter what job you do, if you’re earning a living for your family and providing that, you’re doing a good job, and I’m not belittling anybody by saying that I just say, I think I could quite easily have fallen into that trap of, you know, not necessarily expanded my horizons.”

He now hopes, that after six years off the telly after his medical battles, this means he can get back to where he wants to be, performing to millions.

He said: “I had so many people in Bradford, telling me I was a madman when I was jumping on trains to London to try and make a career of magic. It took me ten years to get Magic Impossible on TV, to get people to take this seriously. And then you know it’s been six years off of TV for me to come back.

“I’ve learned that patience is a virtue, and you can’t rush these things. And I’m so thankful that I stuck to my guns and I’ve continued to do what I love. And I’m so lucky that I’m able to continue doing it. And hopefully, this is just the beginning of the next chapter.”

  • All episodes of Dynamo: Beyond Belief are available on Sky box sets and NOW TV.

Reality shows don't do the trick

DYNAMO hopes he can inspire a new generation of magicians – but says he is not convinced going on a reality show is the way to make it.

In three of the last four years, a magician has been in the top three of Britain’s Got Talent – with Richard Jones winning the show in 2016.

But Dynamo says he thinks show creates “flash in the pan” overnight successes, who then quickly disappear.

He said: “On the talent shows like Britain’s Got Talent, there’s been a few magicians that have won but they haven’t really necessarily had the staying power to live outside of the bubble of it.

“So I think it’s very hard to come out of those reality shows, and survive on your own. The show creates a star that lasts a year, and then they create another star that lasts a year, and you know it’s like it’s like a conveyor belt. It almost takes advantage of the talented people.”

Dynamo made it by getting a grant from the Prince’s Trust, buying a camera and starting a YouTube channel before he was commissioned for TV.

He added: “If you went into schools now and ask a child, ‘What do you want to be when you’re older?’. Back in the day, they might have said, ‘I want to be a lawyer when I’m older, you know, or a policeman’. You ask people now, ‘I want to be famous’. ‘Yeah, OK, but famous for what?’

“If you’re passionate about something, then don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t kind of work or happen overnight for you, you know, the long road to success is often going to put you in better stead than being that flash in the pan, get you 15 minutes of fame.”

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Who is Francesca Farago? Too Hot Too Handle cast member on Netflix

FRANCESCA Farago is one of the gorgeous singletons set to appear on Netflix's new reality dating show.

The Too Hot To Handle contestant is no stranger to slipping on a bikini but what will the steamy tropical island show have in store for her as she goes searching for love?

Who is Francesca Farago?

Francesca is a 25 year old model who does lots of underwear and bikini shoots.

She splits her time between Vancouver and LA.

According to her Instagram, she is about to launch her very own ethical and biodegradable label very soon.

The reality contestant shared a trailer of the new Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle, telling her fans she was, "So excited to share the wildest experience of my life."

Is Francesca Farago on social media?

Francesca keeps her social media followers up to date with sexy selfies.

You can follow her on her Instagram handle here.

Her fans have been quick to congratulate her on the new show with one even saying, "Also in a house not touching people, how 2020."

What is Netflix's Too Hot To Handle?

A cast of ten hot contestants from around the globe will arrive on a tropical island thinking this will be the steamiest summer of their lives.

However, these singeltons will only get a chance of winning the $100K (£79K) prize money by giving up any hanky panky for the entire retreat.

No kissing, no heavy petting and no self-gratification of any kind.

Every time they slip-up, the prize money will go down.

What will happen to these lusty contestants as they struggle to abstain from intimacy? Will the temptation help them find a deeper connection or leave them hot under the collar?

When is Too Hot To Handle on Netflix?

The new Netflix dating show lands TOMORROW (April 17, 2020) at 8am.

There are eight episodes in the new reality series.

Fans of the show will get to binge watch them all in one go.

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