9-1-1′s Ryan Guzman Apologizes for Racial Slur Comments

9-1-1 actor Ryan Guzman is apologizing for his controversial comments he made about using racially charged words.

If you missed it, among many other things, Ryan said, “I have plenty of friends — Black, white, Asian, Indian, whatever they are, Korean — and we make fun of each other’s races all the time. We call each other slurs all the time.”

Well, Ryan issued an apology for these controversial comments, saying, “I do not condone the use of the N-word by any non-Black person. That includes all Latinos. That’s not our word.”

“I came from an angry place. I couldn’t think straight, and I misspoke,” he said about his use of the word “slurs,” and apparently meant to say “stereotypes,” saying that “amongst friends, can friends make fun of each other? Yes.” But he added, “I’m not here to bring anybody down.”

“I apologize to those that I have offended and misrepresented myself by using the wrong term… I will continue to grow, and continue to help out the community,” he added.

Find out everything Ryan said – and how one of his co-stars reacted.

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