Alexis Skyy Hits Back at Dream Doll’s Subtle Shade With Foul-Mouthed Rant

Instead of responding to the rapper’s alleged diss with her own words, the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star reposts a video from a fan who tells haters to ‘leave her the f**king alone.’

AceShowbiz -An online spat has just probably begun between Alexis Skyy and Dream Doll. Not long after the latter shared an Instagram video in which she appeared to throw a subtle shade at the former, the reality TV star has taken to her Instagram Stories to clap back at her hater.

But instead of using her own words, Alexis reposted a fan’s video in which the fan came to her defense. “Imma say it for her,” the girl in the video began, before she launched into a foul-mouthed rant. “Y’all don’t like her. She don’t give a f**k. We don’t give a f**k.”

Calling the bullies “so annoying,” the fan asked the haters to “leave [Alexis] f**king alone.” She continued, “Like everybody’s coming for her. Leave her the f**king alone. Which part are you not getting, the leave or the f**king alone? Which part are you not getting? Like I’m not understanding. Leave Alexis Skyy.”

The fan added in a caption of the video, “I had to bruh they pissin me off everybody comin for her like she not worried like its old nie all that bs.” She told Alexis’ haters to “Grow TF UP,” before tagging the star.

While neither Alexis nor the fan mentioned whom the video was addressed to, it comes after Dream allegedly dissed the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star in her own Instagram post. The 27-year-old rapper recently shared a video that gave a close-up look at her face and her short platinum hair.

But it was a poster in the background that captured people’s attention the most. The poster was torn or crossed right on Alexis’ face, leaving Internet users to speculate that Dream sent a message that she doesn’t like the 25-year-old TV personality.

“Omg how childish,” one person reacted to Dream’s video. “lol that’s very high school,” wrote another. However, some others think that another person might tear the poster since Dream wasn’t in her own house. “She’s at Tae’s house so maybe he did it,” someone speculated. “how y’all know she crossed it out tho..that’s tae house and he always have everybody at his house,” read a similar comment.

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