Amber Gill 'might run for Prime Minister' and Downing Street is shaking

Amber Gill isn’t quite content with stealing our hearts on Love Island – she’s also blowing our minds with her potential politics career.

And it’s a move we totally support.

Taking to Twitter, the 22-year-old joked that she’s had enough of politicians ‘making things up on the spot’ – so might give it a go herself.

‘I never thought I’d be able to get into politics but as I get older I realise these guys just make stuff up on the spot,’ she wrote.

‘So with that in mind I might run for PM.’

Downing Street officials should be shaking.

To which Amber added: ‘LETS GOOO.’

Honestly, they’ve got our vote.

The ITV2 star isn’t the only famous face who has considered a career in politics – sort of.

In fact, Rylan Clark-Neal revealed Hillary Clinton once offered him a job after he called her ‘babes’.

Yes seriously, actual Hillary Clinton.

During a chat with Katherine Ryan on his Radio 2 show, Rylan On Saturday, talk turned to the Donald Trump/Hillary election.

Recalling their friendship, the X Factor legend said: ‘You know Hillary Clinton actually offered me a job once… as in, like, genuinely. 

‘It was when I worked on This Morning, we used to do this thing called The Hub which is where I was just off the side of the set with a big screen doing viewer comments, and I called her “Hills babe”.

‘And then everyone went mad because they were like “This could potentially be the next President, ra ra.”’

‘Anyway, we had a lovely chat and she was like, “I’d love you to be my personal aide”. So if it all goes wrong, if I swear!’

He added: ’I didn’t [consider it], but I did say to her – and I won’t say the exact words I said to her because it’s not BBC Radio 2 friendly – I said, “Hillary, if I say a certain swear word on daytime TV and lose all my jobs, I’ll give you a ring.”‘

Rylan and Amber are definitely forces to be reckoned with.

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