Anthony Hopkins serenades his beloved cat during self-isolation

Anthony Hopkins is ignoring the endless stream of TikTok challenges and dances while in self-isolation, and has instead chosen to entertain himself – and his cat – with a traditional form of music. 

The Westworld actor shared an Instagram video on Wednesday showing exactly how he and his beloved feline, Niblo, are getting through this period of quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

With the pet perched comfortably on his lap, Anthony plays a stunning piece on the piano and Niplo seemed to enjoy it – judging by the fact he didn’t leap to the floor and run away, 

‘Niblo is making sure I stay healthy and demands I entertain him in exchange… cats,’ Anthony captioned the video. 

Whatever floats their boat! 

It’s not the first time Niblo has made an appearance on social media. Back in August, Anthony shared another clip of himself playing the piano with Niblo once again enjoying being serenaded. 

‘The pleasures of my life: a cat, a piano, a book, and a cup of tea,’ Anthony wrote. 

Anthony, 82, recently opened up about his love for cats while musing on appreciating life for all its flaws and beauty. 

Speaking to Brad Pitt for Interview magazine in December, the Two Popes actor explained: ‘I was driving around Venice the other day, and I thought, “It’s all a dream. What a struggle it all is. It’s all an illusion, but it’s the glory of life, the sheer glory of looking for it in everything”.

‘And I’ve become aware of that now, more than ever. It’s in there. It’s in my cat, it’s in my dog, it’s in you. How could it be otherwise?’ 

He then revealed: ‘I watch my cat jumping to a little pinch on the fireplace. Now, he can’t write a book, he doesn’t know anything about philosophy or mathematics. But how the hell does he do that? That is totally awe-inspiring.’ 

We hear you, Anthony!

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