Arnold Schwarzenegger keeps a donkey & horse at home: ‘rarely do they take a dump’

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was on Jimmy Kimmel late last week when he showed off the donkey and the horse who live with him, in his house/mansion. He was feeding them carrots and oatmeal cookies. The horse is called Whiskey and the donkey is Lulu. I saw a photo of Lulu on Twitter (I don’t follow him on Instagram) and thought it was bizarre, but I didn’t realize that he has a horse in his house too! I’m assuming he has a housekeeper still, although he says that the horse and donkey don’t do their business inside that often. Wouldn’t once be enough?

Are they free to roam the house?
Yeah they roam around the house, they go upstairs, they go downstairs, they’re all over the place. They watch me when I work out.

Are they housetrained?
They’re not trainer, but they very rarely go and take a dump in the house. It happened one time when I was in the kitchen cooking, but that’s ok. It just smelled a little bit from wienerschnitzel and poo at the same time.

After that they talked about how Arnold had prepared the state of California for a pandemic by stockpiling masks, ventilators and beds. He said he did it after the devastating fires there. (I think that was 2008.) However he said other governors after him, he didn’t say who and was understanding about it, decided they didn’t want to keep paying for storage. They did find many of the supplies and use them for this crisis though. He was also complimentary of how Newsom is handling everything and said that he’s reached out to past governors on both sides of the aisle.

Ed Norton then called in (that’s at 7:20). They launched a frontline responders fund together to get protective gear to hospitals through cargo flights. So far they’ve raised over seven million and have chartered several flights. They’re surely dealing with the Trump administration trying to seize their supplies but they didn’t talk about it.

As I was doing “research” for this post, I found aquote that Arnold gave in early February that he was looking forward to being a grandfather, but that he wasn’t going to put pressure on newlywed Katherine. Do you think Arnold knew his daughter was pregnant at that point and that he was working hard to keep it under wraps? The Extra correspondent asked him directly, so it wasn’t like he brought it up on his own, but still it was interesting to me. In that interview Arnold called Maria “my wife,” which was weird. Apparently their divorce was never finalized. While trying to figure out if Arnold and Maria have any grandchildren (I’m pretty sure they don’t) I also learned that one of their daughters, Christina, 28, works for the Goop company. Of course Arnold also has the one son outside his marriage (that we know about), Joseph Baena.

Getting back to the donkey and horse, he’s going to be the crazy grandpa that all the kids want to visit. I still remember playing with my grandpa’s amazing train set and how his basement smelled like pipe smoke.

Here’s that interview. Kimmel is all dolled up, supposedly by his daughter, but his makeup is too good for that.

We’ll be back. We will get through this together. If you want to protect yourself in style and help feed @afterschoolallstars families, get your mask now at the link in bio.

Damn he has merch too!

Get your Whiskey and Lulu shirt now. Give back. Link in my bio.

‪Here’s your daily Lulu update – she’s not the best chess partner but she’s getting there. If you’ve been putting off something like learning chess with your family, use the time you’d normally be out and about.‬

He’s feeding them off his plate! I can’t.

After my home workout, fueling up with Whiskey and Lulu.

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