Belieber Kate Godfrey Stars As Justin Bieber In ‘Yummy’ Parody On ‘All That’ – Sneak Peek Video!

Kate Godfrey steps into Justin Bieber‘s shoes for an all new parody for All That!

The young actress performed a new version of his comeback single “Yummy“, where “Justin” sings an ode to school hot lunches and his gratitude for the ladies who serve them.

JJJ spoke to Kate about getting the chance to play Justin Bieber in a sketch.

“Playing Justin Bieber was definitely one of my favorite characters I have played on All That. Ever since I was little I have loved listening to Justin Bieber, but I definitely never thought I would get to do an impression of him,” Kate dished. “I watched the original “Yummy” music video about 50 times to study his movements and facial expressions.”

“My favorite part about filming this sketch was learning the dance,” she added. “The dancers who were in the video were so kind and supportive, and they made the sketch even more fun to film. Chris Judd, who choreographed the video, is always really fun to work with.”

Other sketches featured in the episode include: Coach Kreeton (Kel Mitchell) teaches ping pong; the kids get trapped in a never ending TikTok dance; Tammy TMI is interviewed on live television; and a new way to get ready for the day: the Human Car Wash. The episode also features a performance by Lauv of his hit song “El Tejano.”

Tune in to watch “Yummy” and more sketches in an all new All That THIS Saturday (May 16) at 8:30pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon!

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