Big Brother Star Paul Abrahamian Reveals Why He Will Not Be In Upcoming All-Stars Season

Paul Abrahamian is staying out of the upcoming Big Brother All-Stars season.

The two-time runner up on the reality show has opted out of appearing on the series and revealed the motivation behind that decision on social media.

“The experience as a whole comes with a hefty amount of emotional and mental stress,” Paul wrote in a note posted to Twitter. “I don’t think going from one stressful quarantine to another is a good idea. I miss life and I miss genuine human interaction.”

He also added that staying inside a house with knowing that there is still a pandemic going on is another motivation to not participate.

Instead, he wants to witness how humans adapt to what’s going on right now.

“Society as a whole is changing at a fast pace,” Paul wrote. “I don’t want to be locked away and be unaware of, or miss out on, the evolution of where we are headed as people. I want to be part of this change and I want to continue learning and growing with society. (not hide from it).”

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