Bodyguard Confirms Finding Johnny Depp With Mark and Bloody Finger After Amber Heard Fight

The security guard who works for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor claims he found the star in a state of distress as he’s injured following an altercation with then-wife.

AceShowbiz -A member of Johnny Depp‘s security team recalled his boss “panicking” as his finger had been sliced open by ex-wife Amber Heard, he told the High Court in London on Tuesday (14Jul20).

Malcolm Connolly, who has worked for Depp and his family for about 16 years, was giving evidence on day six of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star’s libel trial against News Group Newspapers chiefs, over a story published in Britain’s The Sun newspaper in 2018, branding him a “wife beater.”

According to Sky News, under cross-examination, Connolly said he never saw Depp hitting Heard, and that he would never tolerate any man hitting a woman, even if he was “the Pope”, and disputed her account of an incident in Australia in March 2015. The actress has claimed he attacked her and that Depp had injured his hand earlier, when she wasn’t present, by smashing a phone against a wall.

Giving evidence, Mr Connolly said that when he arrived at the rented house the couple were staying in, he could hear a “ruckus” and found the actor was in a state of distress. In his witness statement, Connolly claimed his employer told him, “Look at my finger. She’s cut my f**king finger off. She’s smashed my hand with a vodka bottle.”

Connolly recalled Depp telling him that Heard had put a cigarette out on his face, and he saw a mark on the star, but no injuries on the actress.

In the witness box, Connolly denied he might have been “pressured to lie and come on Johnny’s side” when giving evidence, and said he initially told hospital staff Depp had hurt his finger “cutting onions” in order to protect Heard.

The security guard was also asked about an alleged fight on a train during their 2015 honeymoon in Southeast Asia, a trip on which Connolly was present. In a diary entry, Heard wrote she and her then husband had a “terrible” fight as Depp “found himself with his shirt wrapped around my neck,” before they “fell asleep with one another smashed together in desperate, childlike anger, fear and love.”

Connolly replied that he would not have known about the fight, which allegedly took place at 3.30 in the morning.

On Tuesday, the court also heard from Tara Roberts, an estate manager for his property in the Bahamas since December 2008, who said she had never seen the star be violent towards Heard, despite the “Aquaman” star alleging he kicked her during a 2014 trip to his Caribbean home.

The two incidents are among 14 allegations of violence towards Heard The Sun’s lawyers have submitted, all of which the actor denies. The trial continues, with Heard, and Depp’s exes Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, still to give evidence.

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