BTS: Jungkook Shares All the Amazing Details He Thought About When Designing a Hoodie for HYBE's 'Artist-Made Collection'

The members of BTS often wear eye-catching clothes that intrigue fans all over the world. Recently, they also got the chance to design their own clothes to sell to fans.

Youngest member Jungkook designed a hoodie, and he recently talked about the different details he thought about to make the piece of clothing comfortable for people.

BTS members are designing special merchandise items

In late December 2021, BTS’s company, HYBE, announced a special project for the coming year: the members of BTS will be contributing to merchandise by designing some products.

Throughout January, HYBE has been unveiling different items in the so-called “Artist-Made Collection.” There have been clothing items such as hoodies and pajamas as well as accessories such as bags and necklaces. Additionally, fans can furnish their homes with items such as pillows and wind chimes.

BTS also releases videos where the members talk in-depth about the products they designed and what they hope fans can get out of them.

Jungkook shares amazing details that make up his hoodie

Jungkook was the final member to unveil his products. On Jan. 21, HYBE revealed that Jungkook had designed a zip-up hoodie and a mood lamp.

In a video showcasing these items, Jungkook shared how much he thought about fans when designing his hoodie. “I’d like to see it worn by people of all shapes and sizes,” Jungkook explained. “That’s why I designed it to be loose fitting.”

First, he pointed out the sleeves, which have a “batwing” style that is designed for utmost comfort. The armholes are also big and the shoulder seam is not too high up.

Jungkook did not forget about the hood either. When wearing other hoodies, Jungkook sometimes runs into the problem of the hood being a bit tight around his head. As such, he made sure that, for his hoodie, the hood can easily cover a person’s eyes and has a lot of space for their to move around. Jungkook added, “It’s really roomy around here and so comfortable that you can turn your head freely.”

“I paid great attention to such details,” he said.

Jungkook’s hoodie is noticeably asymmetrical

Another special feature of Jungkook’s zip-up hoodie is the fact that it is not symmetrical. One side is noticeably longer than the other, and Jungkook explained why he chose to design his product this way.

“Here’s my intention: The hoodie is named ARMYST,” Jungkook explained. “What does that remind you of? An artist, right? When it comes to artists, they’re artistic, you know. And some of them live day to day, following the same pattern of activities. So I wanted people to wear this when they want to bring out their wild side.”

The hem of the hoodie and the cuffs of the sleeves are also given a distinct “rough look,” which seems to match the “artist” theme he is going for.

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