Camila Morrone is fostering two beautiful puppies during the quarantine

Camila Morrone is best known for being Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend. And whenever they break up, she’ll be best known for being Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend. It is what it is. I still enjoy covering Camila because… I don’t know, habit? I’m always fascinated by Leo’s girls. He always chooses ladies who are just young enough to think that they’re the first of their kind.

Anyway, Camila is actually doing something interesting during the quarantine and I wanted to talk about it: she’s fostering puppies. SO MANY people are fostering animals at the moment, it’s kind of wonderful and crazy. I guess when the bat-signal went out about the self-isolation/quarantine, tons of animal-lovers realized that this was and is the exact moment to either adopt a shelter animal or foster a shelter animal. So here are Camila’s new babies. They look like Huskies? They’re a brother and sister named Jack and Jill. First she was just fostering Jack and then she felt guilty and decided to go back and foster Jill too.

Something tells me that Jack and Jill are not going to end up getting adopted by anyone other than Camila. I wonder if Leo approves? Do you think Leo and Camila are self-isolating together? With the dogs? Hm. This will be an excellent test of their relationship all-around – the dogs and the quarantine.

Incidentally, I’ve been missing my old dog so much over the past few weeks. I’ve even been thinking about maybe going and picking up a shelter puppy or doing what Camila is doing, fostering a dog during the quarantine. I think I just have too much time on my hands. Plus, my cats would FREAK.

Fostering a puppy during this quarantine time has been the single best decision. For all my friends showing interest in doing this, DO IT. You won’t regret it❤️❤️❤️❤️ these sweet creatures need you so badly

And then it happened. I’m officially obsessed with fostering. I couldn’t stand the thought of Jack not being with his sister, so I asked if I could take in Jill (on the right) as well. These two beauties are looking for a permanent ? hopefully together? ? @hollywood_huskies

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram.

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