Cardi B Shows Off Daughter's School Lunches and Leave Fans Stunned

Cardi B and child kulture 3

As if having two superstar parents wasn’t enough to make Cardi B‘s kiddo the envy of her class, check out the lunches she’s packing for school … sure to make her classmates — and Cardi’s fans — super jealous.

Mama Cardi seemingly turned her Twitter page into a homemade school lunch food blog Tuesday, showing off what her daughter, Kulture, brings in on a normal day.

In the tweet, Cardi wrote, “Kulture school lunch be everything 🍎,” while sharing pics of the haul. The 4-year-old had mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, a side of fruit, cereal, flavored milk and other treats packed — so yeah, essentially a gourmet meal for kid standards.

One of Cardi’s fans responded, “She be on that bench passed tf out during recess omg” … another said, “I know lil girl be hosting a supper at the lunch table”.

One person asked, “If this is school lunch, what does her breakfast and supper look like?…” and Cardi then showed off a pic of her daughter’s breakfast, followed by a plate pic of one of Kulture’s dinners … which seemed to include all the major food groups.

The last time we saw Kulture, she was strolling the red carpet for “The Little Mermaid” premiere with her dad, Offset, and sister Kalea Marie … the two girls looked super cute in beautiful princess dresses.

Clearly, the princess lifestyle doesn’t just end with a gown … but a meal too!!!

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