Catelynn Lowell Mourns Great-Grandmother: “Fly High Nanna…”

Catelynn Lowell unfortunately has some more sad news to share.

A day after telling followers about the state of her troubled father-in-law, the veteran Teen Mom OG star has now informed fans of the following:

Her great-grandmother has passed away.

In a touching tribute to her relative, the MTV personality shared a slideshow of photos featuring her close family member and noted that she passed away a few days ago.

At the age of 88.

“My Nanna passed away just a few days ago,” wrote Catelynn, adding via caption;

“I know she is FREE now and that makes me smile wish our last visit could of been different… we had the same birthday and she just turned 88.. fly high Nanna and watch over all of us.”

Lowell’s emotional message included the picture above … of Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter Novalee sitting alongside this late loved one.

As Catelynn referenced in separate caption, her most recent visit to see her Nanna was a challenging one because the two were not able to be in the same room together.

This was due to the need for everyone to social distance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This is extra important when in the vicinity of a senior citizen.

On March 16, Catelynn posted a different photo of her family’s visit to see her great-grandmother. B

Due to these self-isolating regulations, Lowell, Baltierra, and Novalee had to look through a window in order to get in touch with her.

“This is the sad truth of what’s going on in our country,” Lowell wrote at the time, adding:

“Having to see my 88 year old great grandma and Novas great great grandma through her window….

“I understand it’s keeping them safe but I really wish to hug her one last time before she passes.”

Just heartbreaking stuff.

Thankfully, Catelynn has had other reasons to smile of late.

As we saw on last week’s Teen Mom OG premiere, Catelynn and husband Tyler renewed their vows in Hawaii late last year.

It was a surprise ceremony for Tyler, organized by Catelynn because she was so proud of how far the couple had come throughout their time as husband and wife.

“I decided to do it because of the year we had prior. It was like a new beginning and recommitting. We are stronger now,” said Catelynn in a previous interview.

She’s referring here to her own time dealing with mental health problems, along with a miscarriage Catelynn suffered prior to welcoming her latest daughter.

Lowell also dropped some pretty huge baby news just a few days ago.

“We’re going to wait a little bit longer and then eventually have one more and then we’ll be completely done,” Catelynn told Us Weekly, confirming that she and Tyler plan to have four kids total, following the child they gave up for adoption over a decade ago.

We continue to salute this couple and applaud them for sticking together through so many issues that would have torn others apart.

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