Charlotte Crosbys baby bump caressed by boyfriend in pics: Their chemistry is undeniable

Charlotte Crosby couldn't be happier with boyfriend of seven months, Jake Ankers, and "can't wait" to start a family with her new beau.

The 31 year old former Geordie Shore star and her other half have been making the most of their time together before they become a family-of-three with a sun-drenched getaway to Dubai.

The mother-to-be looked happy and relaxed in the holiday snaps, and it has now been revealed that the reality star is so pleased about impending motherhood as she's "always wanted to become a mum".

A source exclusively told OK!: "Charlotte’s family are really happy for her, they know how much she has always wanted to be a mam.

"They can see how happy she and Jake are together and how they are so well suited and ready to start a family.”

In photos of the couple enjoying their getaway following their happy baby news, relationship expert Callisto Adams exclusively revealed to us that the connection between the pair is undeniable.

"Both Charlotte and her partner seem to be having a pretty strong connection followed by a good time they seem to be having. Their body language is mirroring one another, which is amazing. Their smiles are followed by wrinkly eyes which indicates genuine smiling.

"There’s touch, there’s smiling, there’s playfulness. The chemistry and affection in this couple are undeniable.

"They both seem to be comfortable with one another, and looking at the surface-level material of their relationship, this one seems to be promising. There's affection, there's comfort, and there's physical touch.

"These often indicate a strong relationship. However, this is an opinion only based on pictures and videos that don't show the depths of the way the couple communicates."

Speaking to OK! in January, Charlotte said of their relationship: "He's so great. We're doing amazing at the moment.

"Not many people have seen him because I'm very private when it comes to my relationship with him."

The star's pregnancy comes after she opened up last year about feeling the pressure to start a family.

Talking to her Instagram followers, Charlotte said: "When a lot of your friends are having babies, you just feel a certain amount of pressure to do the same.

"I know that I have felt this. I have felt this pressure, and it comes from everyone. It comes from other women which is so strange to say.

"If I was to do a question and answers on here, every single question off women, not really off men, but off women would be, 'When are you having a baby? I feel like there's the pressure right there."

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