Chris Evans: ‘Wish I hadn’t gone there’ Virgin Radio DJ clashes with wife during lockdown

Chris Evans, 53, confessed he wished he hadn’t said anything when it came to helping out his wife Natasha, 39, with food during lockdown. With the whole of the UK currently in isolation, cooped up in the house living onto of your significant others, thing are going to get a little tense – just as Chris found out the other night.

It’s a bit like the wallpaper conversation where I sort of wish I hadn’t gone there

Chris Evans

The Virgin Radio DJ revealed his family’s eating plan during quarantine, so they make food last as long as possible before heading to the shops to buy more food.

Chris previously slammed panic buyers and people who have been stocking up on necessities which then negatively impacted others, so making their supplies last is of upmost importance.

“For the next few weeks, we are making big pots of food,” he revealed.

“We’re eating some and then freezing the rest.”


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While that is a good idea, Chris thought of another way to mix up their meals.

“I pointed out to my wife, as we get something out of the freezer, maybe we should take something out that you’ve frozen before.

“Then we should have that the next night, so we’re not having the same thing three nights on the bounds.”

But the suggestion apparently wasn’t welcomed by Tash.

“I just couldn’t hear anything after that, lots of other things happened,” he laughed, regretting his decision to mention the idea.

While he recounted what had happened the night before, Chris made a vague reference to his co-star Rachel Horne’s wallpaper, saying: “It’s a bit like the wallpaper conversation where I sort of wish I hadn’t gone there!” he laughed, before explaining the rest of the story.

Rachel has been working from home after one of her children showed symptoms of coronavirus, and appeared via video link to read the days top news headlines.

And form what we gathered, she received a rather unwelcome opinion from Chris regarding her wallpaper.

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His other co-star Vassos Alexander could be heard sighing in the background: “You do go to these [lengths],” he tutted, insinuated Chris brings it on himself.

But the former BBC host hit back: “Rachel, I only commented on your wallpaper because you asked me what I thought of it!”

It turns out she didn’t and didn’t seem too pleased with Chris.

“I don’t think I did, actually Christopher…” she giggled, using his full name.


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Chris continued: “You’ve taken down the picture that I loved, now it’s just the wallpaper that I hate!

Vassos howled with laughter at the blatant insult, as the host gasped and apologised for spouting his honesty.

Before retreating to safety by playing another song, Rachel told him off: “I think you shook just sop talking about he wallpaper.”

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