Danielle Armstrong shares incredible 3D baby scan of unborn daughter as she prepares to give birth

Danielle Armstrong has shared an incredible and extremely clear 3D baby scan of her unborn child as she prepares to give birth in just eight weeks time.

The 31 year old took to her Instagram Stories to share the orange-tinted image with her 1.2 million followers, which shows the baby's little nose and mouth.

She then directed her fans to "swipe up" and watch a video of herself and new fiancé Tom reacting to the ultrasound at the doctors.

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In the six minute clip a frustrated Danielle, who could be seen sitting in the car, tells viewers: "So Tom's had to go to the shops and get me some chocolate, Lucozade and some fizzy sweets because once again our little girl is hiding from the camera."

"She must be camera shy. I see a little bit of her eye and her nose, but yeah so…

"Her legs, her arms, everything was like this," she said, putting her arms up in front of her face, before adding: "She was hiding… She was hiding from her mumma."

Danielle also had to do some star jumps and jogging on the spot outside to help get her baby to move position so they could get a better look at her during the ultrasound.

But her efforts were in vain, as once back in the chair, they realised the baby still hadn't moved. So the doctor sent Danielle and Tom back outside in the cold to take a brisk walk around Brentwood.

With the third time lucky mentally in check, Danielle went back to try and get another ultrasound of her daughter.

Softening at the sight of her little one, Danielle said: "Ah Tom look, you can still see," as she zoomed into the 3D image on screen.

In the description, Danielle, who recently revealed she's in therapy after opening up on prenatal depression, wrote: "For all us mums to be out there these are defos the appointments you look forward to the most I think seeing our little bundle of joy physically [sic]

"But our little princess had other ideas..from me eating more calories and naughty things to get her moving ..

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"to me doing star jumps & then a few loops in the freezing cold streets of Brentwood for our princess to still be a bit camera shy..which makes me think she may take after her Daddy hehe! [sic]

"But it was so lovely to see her little features she looks like a cute little cub," [sic] alongside a smiley face.

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