Denise Richards: It’s My Own Fault My Husband Couldn’t Cure Me!

Recently, viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills learned about Aaron Phypers’ job and why Denise Richards thinks people want him dead.

Now, she’s defending his work to fans, and even going so far as to blame herself for his miracle cure not working on her.

During a very tense dinner, during which some stars hung onto Aaron’s every word while others smiled politely, Aaron explained his work.

It’s not simply that he practices a form of alternative medicine involving sound therapy on the body.

He went on to claim that everything that people believe about medicine is wrong, that cancer is a helpful ally, and more.

Denise said that what he does is so effective that sinister, unseen forces are having them followed and may have them killed.

Denise had multiple hernias — bulging of organs or tissues through abnormal openings within the body.

She had to undergo surgery to repair this painful condition.

After the fact, Denise apparently relied upon Aaron’s practice (and some ineffective herbal pills) during her recovery.

But why, fans ask, didn’t Denise simply have Aaron reverse her hernias the same way that he allegedly regrew his ACL without surgery?

A fan asked this reasonable question, and Denise replied … blaming herself.

“Well I’m an idiot & didn’t tell him,” she admitted on Twitter.

‘I ignored it,” Denise explained, “hoping it would go away.”

“By the time I did” tell him, she continued, “it was a situation of an emergency.”

Apparently, even people who some would mocking describe as sound wizards have their limits.

But afrer the surgery, Denise was leaning heavily upon Aaron’s alternatives.

In addition to the herbal pills that Denise complained did not work, she had another tool at her disposal.

The Pulse Magnetic Field Mat is supposed to help with vasomotion and oxygen distribution.

Denise castmates were a little concerned about her reliance upon the herbal pills after she complained that they were not doing the job.

(Herbal remedies can be amazing for a number of things, but there are limitations to any medical approach, folks)

Lisa Rinna wisely opined: “Just pop those pain pills and be happy.”

That may not be stellar advice for other circumstances, but if you are recovering from surgery … please take your medication.

Did you know that studies have shown that becoming famous makes your more gullible?

We mention that for no reason whatsoever.

Anyway, Denise is under the impression that Aaron’s work is so groundbreaking and effective that he needs to be “careful” discussing it on camera.

Her concern is that unknown malevolent forces — suggested at one point to be Big Pharma — don’t want people to know about Aaron’s methods.

She says that she and Aaron have caught people following them, spotting “suspicious cars” on the road.

Their conclusion is that they are being stalked by sinistar operatives with malevolent intentions.

Denise warned her dinner companions that if she and Aaron are found in an apparent car accident off of Mulholland, it was really an assassination.

As we mentioned before, this is an unwise statement to make. 

If someone really wanted Denise or Aaron dead, this would give them the perfect cover, right?

It’s not that we think that someone is actually plotting her downfall. But she does.

And the odds of them dying at the hands of Secret Society Of Using Pills And Scalpels Instead of Vibrations seems a little low.

Maybe don’t spoonfeed a potential stalker an alternative theory of the crime?

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