Deputy Karen McMuffin claims she ‘wholeheartedly supports’ Black Lives Matter

All week, we’ve been talking about Stacy Talbert, aka Officer Karen aka Deputy Karen McMuffin. Talbert is the Georgia deputy who filmed herself having a weepy tantrum because she had to wait for her egg McMuffin and she was worried that McDonald’s employees were messing with her food. Talbert has worked in law enforcement for 15 years and she is quite certain that *she* is the most persecuted person in Georgia, and definitely not anyone else. She already gave one interview to a local NBC affiliate, and then yesterday, she called up Buzzfeed to talk about the viral video and other things. She comes across as a dangerously stupid a–hole with a martyr complex. Just putting that out there. Some highlights:

On the Officer Karen/Deputy McMuffin memes: “I’m not bitching. I think that sh-t’s funny. Cop Karen’ — whoever did that, that’s funny. ‘Molly McMuffin,’ someone called me. That’s funny! I’d make money if I was that funny.”

What her meltdown was really about: “It really had nothing to do with McDonald’s and the food. That was just what triggered it. This feeling we feel in law enforcement constantly. You’re always looking, we’re arching our necks, to make sure everything is safe not just for you, but for everyone else. There are times I wish I could just be normal and not have to feel like that. Everyone completely lost the point except for law enforcement. We all feel that way except I voiced it.”

Having to wait for her food: “I’m not going to accuse anyone, but it was sketchy,” she said. When one employee brought her the coffee she had ordered, but not the food, Talbert said she told the worker not to bother because she had become too nervous to eat it. But Talbert told BuzzFeed News she couldn’t say definitively whether the staff were actually tampering with her food — what mattered to her was the fear she felt. “I don’t believe that they were or were not,” she said. “I am telling you I have no idea of that and I didn’t take it to find out.”

The owner of the McDonalds asked her to take down her video: Talbert told BuzzFeed News when she spoke with Jill Stanberry, the owner asked her to take down her video, but she declined “because it’s done so much good.”

On Black Lives Matter: Talbert said she wholeheartedly supported Black Lives Matter protesters and acknowledged the fears they may feel while dealing with authorities were valid. But she said she could only speak to her own fears. “How fair of me is it to honestly talk about other people’s pain when I have no idea about it. I’m white. How am I going to talk about any one else’s pain? How would I even know? They’re truly not the same fears and I would never say that because it’s not fair of me to say. It’s a different thing, it’s a different feeling.”

On the idea that she’s too paranoid & crazy to carry a gun: “I was hired by my sheriff’s office to do a job, and they knew when they hired me that I was stable enough to do the job without an issue and I’ve been doing the job for 15 years…It was exactly how every single officer feels, and if they don’t feel compassion or emotion, if they don’t cry over anything, I promise you that is not the officer that you want on the street.”

[From Buzzfeed]

“How fair of me is it to honestly talk about other people’s pain when I have no idea about it. I’m white.” Here’s the thing. There are several things, actually, but let’s start here. No one – literally no one – is saying that someone like Deputy McMuffin should speak about the pain in the African-American community. THEY ARE SAYING SHE SHOULD LISTEN. The message of Black Lives Matter isn’t “you need to speak about our pain like you’ve felt it.” The message is “listen to what we’re saying.” And to cops like Karen McMuffin, they’re saying “stop killing us.” But she’s not listening and she’s actually showing – unintentionally – how some cop like her ends up shooting a black person. Because she (and too many cops) get triggered over the least little sh-t and they’re so wrapped up in their own sense of persecution.

Pics from the viral video.

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