Duchess Kate ‘had a good lockdown’ because ‘she’s come out of her shell’

Here are more photos from this past weekend, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for an NHS anniversary tea party. Kate wore her prairie Sister Wife garb and William tried to look natural amongst the peasants. Did you know that Kate also wore new earrings to this event? Apparently, she’s never worn these before – they’re “Patrick Mavros ‘Ocean Tides’ earrings, created in 18ct gold with a gorgeous milky quartz stone, and a small diamond from the central piece – which is made in a beautiful sea urchin design.” They cost £2400. Did… did Kate need to buy herself a new pair of earrings to go along with all of the new dresses she purchased for the quarantine? Was this her “reward” for Zooming herself into an early grave? Speaking of, the Guardian and other UK outlets did pieces on how Kate “had a good lockdown” because… she Zoomed. That’s it. That’s why she had a good lockdown. Some highlights:

Kate’s the only glamorous one now: “With Meghan gone, the only person who really could provide the glamour factor is Kate,” historian Sarah Gristwood, author of Elizabeth: The Queen and the Crown, told US People magazine, which featured her on its latest cover.

Wow, there are negative headlines about Meghan? Kate’s stock, it seems, is high on both sides of the pond. Hard to ignore is the contrast in tone of the coverage of sisters-in-law Kate and Meghan. Headlines about Kate are brimful of positivity. Stories on Meghan, holed up in Los Angeles, less so.

But Kate isn’t being seen more *because* Meghan was exiled: Royal observers, however, believe Kate’s present high profile is not solely down to Meghan’s absence. Simon Perry, People magazine’s UK-based royal correspondent, believes lockdown has played to Kate’s strengths.“Funnily enough, those interested are seeing more of Kate through these online video calls and quite long TV interviews. You could argue the public has seen more of her than they would on ordinary engagements, when they might get a fleeting look, or a sentence or two. Americans love the royals, and our readers continue to be very interested in Kate. She was on our cover last week, where we talked about the pressures she and William are under because there are a lot of expectations on them.”

A good lockdown: Others believe the future Princess of Wales and Queen Catherine has grown into her role. “She’s had a good lockdown. She’s come out of her shell a bit more. She is still not the best public speaker, but she is definitely getting better, and a bit braver during this crisis about wanting to say things,” said one.

Kate is forever “growing in confidence”: Kate has been Hello! magazine’s cover for the last two editions. Its royal editor, Emily Nash, said: “ I think people feel more connected to her than ever in some ways, because they are hearing more from her directly, whether it’s on video calls or interviews, and she’s opening up more on a personal level. We’re hearing about the highs and lows of homeschooling, how she’s missing her family, she’s struggling to get her two-year-old to behave on FaceTime calls to family – it’s all very relatable stuff. She has definitely grown in confidence and feels able to talk about subjects like early years development and mental health because she has done all the research, and really knows what she’s talking about. There is still the fascination in her wardrobe, of course, but I think people are also paying more attention to what she is saying and doing and the issues she is highlighting.”

[From The Guardian]

This has a similar vibe to the recent People Magazine cover story, which is to say, a redo/mulligan on the Tatler debacle. Kate *did* work during the lockdown and she dutifully Zoomed a couple of times a week, and those Zoom calls were supposed to be the centerpiece of Kate’s 2020 branding. 2020 Kate is a Top CEO who Zooms so hard and works so much, especially now that Meghan is gone, and Kate is so queenly and she cares ever so much about being prim and proper and following protocol, unlike Meghan. That was supposed to be the story. But the Tatler cover blew up in her face and so the busy bees of Kensington Palace have been organizing all of these gentle, soft-focus articles about how Kate the Keen is the most wondrous and delicate, infantilized future queen ever (she’s “braver” about “wanting to say things” you guys). Notice this as well: for all of the recent talk about how Kate had a flawless, amazing lockdown, no one is mentioning the week and a half where she and her people couldn’t STFU about how the Tatler story was mean, and they were going to sue!

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