Elizabeth Banks Shares List of Fun Things To Do For Parents Staying Home With Their Kids During Coronavirus School Closures

Elizabeth Banks has provided a small list of fun things to do with your kids, while they’re home during the school closures because of coronavirus.

The 46-year-old filmmaker posted the list on her Instagram as a resource for all parents who will be staying with their kids.

“Home with the kids and need activities? Started a scavenger hunt w friends. To be presented via FaceTime. Here is the list. We also have 3 tasks: draw a portrait of another family member, create a secret handshake and build a tower out of anything that measures 4 feet. Have fun, stay safe and healthy,” she writes.

Elizabeth added, “Hope this helps some parents out there. ? leave other ideas in the comments! #covid_19 #familyisolation.”

On top of Elizabeth‘s fun list, Scholastic also announced their Learn At Home program.

The program features “four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video” and kids can learn solo, with their siblings, or parent, too.

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