Emotional Support Dog Dies On Hawaiian Airlines Flight

A 2-year-old emotional support dog is dead … and the owner wants some answers from Hawaiian Airlines.

The dog, a pit bull named Louis, was apparently supposed to travel in the cargo hold from Kona to Honolulu and then on to Seattle, but the dog never made it. The dog’s owner says the airline told him the dog died in Honolulu, but there was no explanation as to what happened.

The dog died July 21, and the owner has been waiting for a necropsy report and information on where the dog was when he died, but so far we’re told Hawaiian has been radio silent. The owner, Dr. Randall Carpio, says the airline did indeed perform a necropsy but has not handed the report over to him.

Dr. Carpio also says the airline has not given him the dog’s remains.

Dr. Carpio had big plans for Louis. The doctor says the dog had an engaging temperament and demeanor and he was being groomed to provide emotional support to children and the elderly. Dr. Carpio says Louis was actually going to become a member of his medical team to provide support for his patients.

The dog owner’s attorney Evan Oshan tells TMZ ..“we want to know how Louis died and if it is discovered that there was any animal neglect or cruelty. We call upon governmental officials to investigate and file necessary charges if appropriate. We are weighing all legal options and will take appropriate measures and seek all legal remedies available under the law to obtain justice for Louis”

The lawyer tells us they’re considering all legal options.

We reached out to Hawaiian Airlines for comment … so far, no word back.

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