F*** the p**s takers! Benedict Cumberbatch hits back after hes compared to Ali G

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British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has hit back after a recent magazine shoot for W Magazine, which saw him compared to the fictional character, Ali G, played by comedian and fellow actor Sacha Baron Cohen. The Dr Strange star, 45, didn’t hold back after social media users drew comparisons between his interesting look and that of Ali G, following a photoshoot conducted by Tim Walker where he graced the cover of W Magazine.

And yeah, f*** the p**stkers

Benedict Cumberbatch

In one of the pictures, the Imitation Game star can be seen wearing a bright yellow bucket hat and mustard yellow shirt with grey flowers.

The actor completed the look with a pair of yellow tinted, black-rimmed aviator sunglasses.

In the snap, the father-of-three could be seen staring intently at a stem of daisies.

While in another picture, he leaned his head in his hand as he looked straight into the camera.

However, the star was soon compared to Sacha’s alter-ego, Ali G.

Benedict admitted that despite the photoshoot, he had no desire to copy the character’s sense of fashion.

He told Times Radio: “You won’t be seeing me walking around in a Fendi bucket hat or whatever it was anytime soon or a 10 gallon hat that doesn’t fit my rather large head anyway.

“Or a very cardboard stiff denim jacket,” he added.

The star went on to gush about working with Tim, branding him “one of our greatest photographic exports”.

He said: “But I’d do anything for Tim I really would, I think he’s an extraordinary artist.”

After the Times Radio host claimed that the actor’s W Magazine cover “sparked amusement” on social media, Benedict admitted that Tim’s vision was often “far-out, visual and imaginative”.

The star went on to reflect the last time he worked with Tim for the magazine, branding it a “stylised, Andy Warhol-esque shoot” that he did with British actress Keira Knightley.

Benedict said: “I found it very freeing to go, “Yeah, fine, I’m just surrendering myself to an artist’s concept…

“And yeah, f*** the p**s takers.”

“I don’t have to defend Tim [Walker],” he added.

Following the magazine’s latest issue, Twitter was soon alight with social media users drawing comparisons between the two.

@nadirawrites commented: “Now why did they dress Benedict Cumberbatch as Ali G.”

@ktmorriss wrote: “They literally made Benedict Cumberbatch look like ali g lol.” (sic)

While @j10ant joked: “Looking forward to the gritty Ali G reboot with Benedict Cumberbatch.”

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