Gal Gadot Recruited Her Celebrity Friends to Sing John Lennon's "Imagine" and Twitter Definitely Hates It

Now that self isolating and social distancing is a thing, people have a lot more time on their hands. (I, for one, will be trying to develop a personality and an actual hobby these next few weeks.) Since celebrities aren’t out doing all the Hollywood stuff they normally do, they’ve been way more active on social media to try to save themselves from absolute boredom. Unfortunately in Gal Gadot’s case, Twitter is fully roasting her for recording a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” with her celeb friends.

Bless her heart. She really tried to help uplift everyone hunkering down because of coronavirus, but people are def wondering why Gal chose a song that’s mostly about imagining there’s no religion or war. Surely a bop about imagining a world with universal health care, one without scary fake news that spreads like wildfire, or one where everyone stays TF home instead of forming “Quarantine Crews” would’ve been more timely. Regardless, here’s the cover, which has been described as “cringey” and features your fave celebs like Ashley Benson, Zoë Kravitz, Kaia Gerber, Amy Adams, and Kristen Wiig:

We are in this together, we will get through it together. Let’s imagine together. Sing with us ❤ All love to you, from me and my dear friends. #WeAreOne ……. #KristenWiig #JamieDornan @labrinth @james_marsden @sarahkatesilverman @eddiebenjamin @jimmyfallon @natalieportman @zoeisabellakravitz @siamusic @reallyndacarter @amyadams @leslieodomjr @pascalispunk @chrisodowd @hotpatooties #WillFerrell @markruffalo @norahjones @ashleybenson @kaiagerber @caradelevingne @anniemumolo @princesstagramslam

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I don’t even know what day or time it is anymore but I know it is too early for this.

Me two seconds after opening that Gal Gadot video.

The second hand embarrassment I experienced watching that Gal Gadot singing video

Gal Gadot: i hope this cute video of me and my friends will make people smile 🙂


Me when Amy Adams popped up in that Gal Gadot singing video

me seeing some of my fave celebrities singing in the gal gadot video

Gal Gadot and friends

me closing the gal gadot video out after the first lyric

As uplifting as all these celebs tried to be, many criticized them for appearing to choose singing over donating money to those in need right now. It’s hard to know how they’ve helped monetarily if they donated privately, but pretty much everyone agreed that singing alone will not solve this crisis.

To Gal Gadot and all the rich celebrities in that video with money, top insurance, and are out of touch to the struggle of everyday American during this time:

The struggle is real people are losing their jobs and they don’t need a Beetle song trying to make it better.

Gal Gadot and the rich trying to be relatable. No one want to hear it just donate and go

Listen, I love all of these people and I get it…but there is more important shit going on right now. How about they all donate $1 for every view this video receives instead? #coronavirus #COVID19 #Galgadot #FilmTwitter

Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig, Jamie Dornan, Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon after posting that video of them singing “Imagine” off-key

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