Gallery of shame Piers Morgan fires back at criticism over photo with Ghislaine Maxwell

Clive Myrie takes swipe at Piers Morgan

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Taking to Twitter to hit out at backlash aimed at him for being photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell, Piers Morgan penned in view of his 7.9 million followers: “It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been photographed with a number of famous people and am therefore guilty by mere association with them. “I can only apologise for this gallery of shame.”

I can only apologise for this gallery of shame

Piers Morgan

Alongside his sarcastic message, he shared alternative photos of himself with beloved famous figures including the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking, and even the Queen.

Yet that impressive portfolio did little to detract Twitter users’ attention away from the fact that he had also been pictured with shamed Ghislaine, who will soon be sentenced for trafficking underage girls for her high profile boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein and his friends to abuse.

This afternoon on Twitter, an eagle-eyed follower was quick to point out the connection between Ghislaine and Piers – albeit only by a single photo.

It came after Piers had written jokingly: “RIP BlackBerry.

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“I once loved you so much that I even did commercials for you.

“But then I succumbed to temptation, bit into a forbidden Apple, and my innocence was lost. Sorry. x .”

Without skipping a beat, Twitter user Mike, who tweets under the name @ridgebackpop, wrote underneath in the comments section: “Talking of forbidden apples…”

He then posted a photo of Piers wearing a suit at an event alongside a grinning Ghislaine, who was clad in an all-black ensemble topped off by a leather jacket.

Mully_Sean then continued: “How about these apples?”, including a photo montage of him with a series of shamed celebrities, including Harvey Weinstein and Rolf Harris.

There is no suggestion that Piers was involved in any kind of wrongdoing with the people pictured, although that failed to stop his followers from criticising him over posing for photos with them.

Comparatively, few fans were discussing the merits of Android versus iPhone, as many were instead discussing the Ghislaine photo, as well as making quips about phone hacking.

In his follow-up tweet an hour later, Piers pointed out that he had been photographed with many high profile people, but that merely fanned the flames of public debate.

Twitter user @RobHolding12 fired back in opposition: “I personally don’t think its nice you making light of the situation.

“[At the] end of the day the pictures paint a picture by association.”

He added: “You could deal with it more constructively – children have been abused and they should have your support and considerable voice.”

@666K666 joked: “There would have been one with you and Megan Markle, but oh wait, she stood you up didnt she??”

@Goddard412 then quipped: “I would imagine they are all onto their legal teams as we speak preparing a statement as to why they have been photographed with you. Only joking. Maybe.”

However Piers did receive some support amidst the backlash, with JeremyGough5 encouraging: “Stop beating yourself up, who ever you met. “Good or bad, you have no control of their actions.

“Only your actions and thoughts you need to answer yourself to.

“And how you have decided to deal with them.”

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