Gemma Collins grabs 7 packs of loo roll in coronavirus panic-buying spree

Gemma Collins filmed herself filling two trolleys with essentials including seven packs of toilet paper in a panic-buying shopping spree as the coronavirus outbreak continues.

The reality star, 39, dashed to Marks and Spencers stockpile groceries amid fears she might end up in isolation.

Gemma, who does not have the deadly bug, admitted she just wanted to make sure she was prepared in case she got confined to her home.

As she started her shop, she declared: "Operation covid-19 is under way."

Wearing latex gloves, Gemma embarked on a major shop piling the trolley high with toilet paper, red wine, biscuits and bread.

She said: "I'm on shopping trolly number two – seven packs of toilet roll and a bottle of Malbec."

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She bought so much, she enlisted the help of two shop assistants who helped her get all

Gemma later added: "I've totally crumbled today. I've caved in. The staff here have been sensational. They felt the panic in me. I can't thank you enough. 

"They have gone above and beyond in every way.

"I'm ready for the lockdown guys. Aaron here has gone above and beyond. I hope your bosses can hear this.  

"I was panicked but you've put my mind at ease."

The ongoing coronavirus has led to supermarket shelves up and down the country being stripped bare of essentials including toilet roll, pasta and tinned food.

Several major stores have imposed restrictions on buying items including foods and soaps in a bid to prevent any further panic buying as people stock up over fears of coronavirus.

Although Public Health England has urged people to 'plan ahead' in the event that they have to self-isolate, the Government’s chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance said there is "absolutely no reason" to panic buy.

Tesco has already imposed a five-item limit on pasta, anti-bacterial wipes, gels and sprays, and long-life milk until further notice.

Aldi, Asda and Waitrose have so far only limited the purchase of anti-bacterial products, but the majority of major retailers have said they are 'monitoring the situation'.

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