Gemma Collins signs six-figure In The Style deal as she launches clothing line with her famous memes

The GC has cemented her place as one of the biggest stars in the UK by signing a six figure deal with In The Style.

Gemma Collins’ line with the fashion giant will feature her most famous memes and will come in all sizes.

All of the popular funny phrases that Gemma, 39, has used over the years will appear across jumpers and t-shirts.

It’s expected that some of the slogans will include “You ain't going to ever get this candy" and "I've earned my divaship”.

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  • Gemma Collins self-isolates in bathtub as she poses naked for PETA in anti-marine park campaign

It’s safe to assume that Gemma’s range will not feature any fur or leather because she is an advocate against animal cruelty.

The TOWIE star recently posed naked in a new anti-marine park campaign for PETA urging people to petition against the captivity of marine animals.

Gemma, who has been self-isolating amid the coronavirus outbreak, stripped down to nothing and climbed into a bathtub to get the message across to the public.

In the striking snap, Gemma can be seen in a porcelain white bathtub while peaking one arm and leg out as her hair cascades down the side of the tub.

A slogan above her reads: "Could you spend your life in a bathtub?" before adding: "Orcas and other dolphins at marine parks suffer for decades in cramped tanks comparable to bathtubs. Don't go to marine parks."

The GC's incredible image, taken by photographer Ruth Rose, highlights that sensitive marine animals are separated from their families and confined to concrete tanks that are, to them, the size of a simple bathtub.

The small space they're trapped in leads them to feel extreme stress, loneliness and depression.

In an accompanying video, the reality star, who recently bought 28 rolls of toilet paper out of fear of the coronavirus, Gemma talks about her feelings towards captivity of marine animals.

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Sitting in front of the bathtub while wearing a PETA t-shirt, she says: "I am absolutely distraught every day by what I'm seeing on social platforms about how animals are being treated.

"We're looking at all these cutesy videos of whales jumping and dolphins and sea lions performing tricks… That is not normal."

Gemma, who recently said her "high risk" mum has been rushed to hospital with pneumonia, continued: "When people say, 'oh my god, why has this whale killed one of our trainers?' It's because it's an animal that was taken from it's mother in the wild all to live their life in a bathtub.

"This isn't acceptable, people are making money off of degrading these animals. These animals should be free, let's campaign to get all marine life into a sanctuary where they can have some actual enjoyment in their lifetime."

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