Gene Simmons Educates Fans On Importance Of Wearing Masks During Pandemic

KISS‘s Gene Simmons has educated his fans about the importance of wearing masks during Covid-19 pandemic.

The rocker shared a photo on Twitter of a fan wearing a KISS bandana as a makeshift mask. However, a fan responded to the picture saying, “Except those cloth masks don’t keep you safe only a medical mask does and a good one at that”.

“You are incorrect and misinformed,” Simmons responded. “The idea of cloth masks or any other kind of mask, is not to protect you. It’s to protect everybody else around you inn case you cough or talk. It’s not about you, David. It’s about protecting everybody else. From you.”

Another fan claimed, “With all due respect, Gene. Face covers don’t prevent the spread of viruses. It’s more of a psychological thing. It’s social pressuring. You are disrespectful if you don’t cover your face. It’s nonsense.”

To which, Gene replied: “I wish you good health, despite your point of view. Please wear a mask, to prevent your cough, sneeze or other, from infecting people. Be safe, not sorry.”

Another fan chimed, “So if one doesn’t have symptoms then why wear it? I get protecting others & asymptomatic carriers, but healthy people wearing masks is a bit too far in my opinion. I choose not to wear one.”

Simmons responded: “You need more information. You can show no symptoms and STILL have Covid 19, and STILL be spreading the virus to others. WEAR A MASK!”

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