Grant Gustin Cast As Frank Sinatra Jr’s Kidnapper In New Movie ‘Operation Blue Eyes’

Grant Gustin is switching up his role from superhero to villain!

It was just announced that the 30-year-old The Flash star will play Barry Keenan in Operation Blue Eyes, Deadline reports.

Barry is the infamous businessman who orchestrated the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra, Jr in 1963.

“I’ve decided to only play characters named Barry,” Grant joked on his Instagram Story.

Operation Blue Eyes “takes place in December of 1963 when Frank Sinatra Jr. is a struggling lounge singer, deep in his father’s shadow. A young wannabe stock tycoon Barry Keenan, with an ex-wife, alimony payments, a pill-addicted mother, and a similar monkey on his own back (the result of a car crash), comes up with a harebrained scheme to kidnap Junior and hold him for $240,000, ransom, chaos ensues.

Barry succeeds in stealing Junior at gunpoint but after that, it’s one badly improvised move after another, until Barry bungles his way into prison.

Barry was eventually sentenced to life in prison but only served four and a half years before being released.”

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