Grant Gustin Gets Candid About Struggles With Anxiety & Depression

Grant Gustin is opening up about his mental health struggles.

The 30-year-old The Flash actor went on the Inside of You podcast and dished about struggling with anxiety and depression for almost his entire life.

“I knew I had always dealt with anxiety, but getting pinpointed ideas about where things started and why you were feeling that way,” Grant said. “Anxiety is ever-present in my life, for sure.”

“I’ve come a long way with taking a little pressure off myself,” he continued. “I’ve always been really hard on myself and I still am, but I put way too much pressure on myself early on and got in my way a lot and I think it shows, in my opinion at least, in the work, like how wound up I was and how focused I was on getting it right. It gets in your way for sure.”

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