‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Richard’s Health Continues To Deteriorate & Tom Is Confronted By His Past

Finding out what’s wrong with Richard was everyone’s main concern during the April 2 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Meredith teamed up with one character in particular to figure out Richard’s diagnosis.

It’s all hands on deck to save Richard Webber. Katherine goes to Los Angeles to bring him home on a private plane with Maggie. Bailey and Meredith round up everyone to try and figure out what’s wrong with him. “He is our #1 patient,” Bailey tells everyone. Maggie warns everyone to prepare themselves. Richard is not himself. Tom asks if they’ve ruled out dementia. “Nothing is out of the question,” Maggie says. Not even Alzheimer’s.

Richard wants everyone to stop treating him like an infant. He still thinks Katherine was with him at the conference and she goes along with it. At first, he’s not willing to do the tests but she eventually gets him onboard. Meredith is convinced what’s wrong with Richard is NOT Alzheimer’s. She knows what that looks like. DeLuca comes to see Richard during his suspension and Bailey is not having it. He can’t officially be participating in this.

Tom’s ex-wife Dana shows up with her son, Guthrie, who looks just like Tom’s dead son, David. Guthrie has a brain tumor. When Tom sees Guthrie, he is nearly speechless. He looks just like David and it totally throws Tom. Teddy is by his side the entire time helping him out. Teddy asks Amelia to help out with Guthrie’s case. Amelia, who is inching closer to her due date, agrees to do Guthrie’s surgery. At first, Dana doesn’t want Amelia to perform the surgery. She came for Tom and she’s terrified she’ll lose another child. He says they’re technically family so he can’t do it and bolts.

Katherine comes into the war room and tells everyone they need to work harder. She is furious that no one noticed that Richard was deteriorating. Jackson makes a solid point that everyone thought Richard was depressed because Katherine left him. She feels incredibly guilty that she wasn’t there for Richard when she needed him. Katherine can’t be on his team, so she pushes Jackson to get back in the war room. Meredith and Maggie run more tests on Richard and they don’t go well. He can’t draw a clock or a cube.

While operating on Guthrie, Amelia goes into labor. She pages Tom and he comes into the OR. He still wants her to complete the surgery! Amelia refuses and screams at him to scrub in. He has no choice. Guthrie starts to crash when Tom takes over. Tom suddenly freezes. Teddy chimes in and Tom snaps back. Guthrie is able to stabilize and survives the surgery. Meanwhile, Link rushes to Amelia’s side. They’re both freaking out. Turns out, it’s just Braxton Hicks. There’s no baby coming today!

Maggie, Meredith, and Bailey go to see Richard in his room and he has disappeared. Meredith finds Richard in the OR. In his mind, he’s about to perform surgery, but he’s about to take a scalpel to himself. Meredith goes along with what Richard is thinking. “Richard, I can fix you,” she says. He taught her everything she knows. She manages to get him to hand over the scalpel. He also calls her Ellis.

Tom thanks Teddy for helping him out today. Teddy goes to find Owen and says she wants to get married to him as soon as possible — like this weekend! But is that really what she wants?

Richard is brought back to his room and he doesn’t know what year it is. He talks about Adele and interns. Katherine walks out of the room. “I can’t do this,” Katherine tells Jackson. Meredith goes to find DeLuca, who is busy doing research about what could be wrong with Richard. Meredith wants to know what he’s come up with. They’re not leaving until they figure this out. “Are you with me or not?” Meredith asks. DeLuca is so in.

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