Haim Got Real About Which Disney Cartoon Characters Got Them Hot and Bothered

Ah, the good ol’ days: When you’d be on the couch watching Little Mermaid for the 47th time while picturing your wedding to Prince Eric because he was the epitome of a PERFECT man. (Ugh that beautiful, luscious hair tho). Now we just sit in bed and ponder for hours wondering why our crushes haven’t texted us back in five days. HEH.

Well! In our new series, That Feeling When, we have some our fav celebs go through their throwback baes from Disney movies and reminisce back to those ~super hot~ scenes from ’90s films. The Haim sisters were our first guests and wowww did they take us allll the way BACK. I almost forgot about my undying love for Aladdin and Justin Timberlake with blonde tipped hair.

Does anybody else find it weird now that when we were itty bitty humans we had legitimate romantic feelings for…cartoons? Yeahhh. Alana proudly admitted that she had a crush on Dimitri from the Disney classic, Anastasia. Este chimed in and also agreed that he was very hot. Can’t say they’re wrong about that open vest look he rocked. 👀Danielle threw in Aladdin into the mix and that was a beautiful, unanimous HELL to the YES. Of course.

And let me say, they were on freaking point when they said the hottest movie scene was from Titanic. There will never…ever be a moment that will top Rose telling Jack to “draw me like one of your French girls.” If this were a game, the Haim sisters would’ve automatically been champions for that answer. When it came to hottest TV characters, they had a variety of different men lineup: Luke Perry as Dylan McKay from his Beverly Hills, 90210 days, Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World, and Teck Holmes from The Real World: Hawaii. Quite an eclectic group I must say.

We also had them tell us music videos that they personally thought were really steamy and sensual and I’ll just say…be ready for some Britney Spears and British boy bands. Sounds about right to me? Make sure you listen to their new single streaming everywhere now, “I Know Alone” and also catch their new album dropping on June 26th!

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