Holly Willoughby defended by fans after troll tries to make her feel guilty for presenting This Morning

Holly Willoughby fans have jumped to defend her after a troll attacked her on her Instagram page.

The 39 year old took to social media before hosting Tuesday's episode of This Morning alongside co-host Phillip Schofield, showing off yet another of her gorgeous outfits.

But as she urged people to stay indoors and watch her and her 57 year old pal, one of her 6.5million followers got irked and decided to hit out.

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Blonde beauty Holly wrote: "Morning Tuesday… stay home with us and stay safe… shirt by @zara skirt by @roland_mouret (an oldie but a goodie)…

"Hope you are all ok… take a breath… one day at a time… you can do this," she continued.

While many fans were quick to compliment her on her latest chic look, one follower commented: "Easy for you today as you go off to work what about people who've lost their jobs and can’t pay rent or mortgages can they do that too?"

But the troll was quickly met by a number of the presenter's loyal supporters, with one asking: "How is this hollys fault!? [sic]"

A second wrote: "Is there really any need I suggest you grow up. Yes it is a shame that this has happened to you. But Holly did not make you lose your job have a word with yourself."

A third commented: "bitter of someone else’s career?," with a fourth chiming: "get a grip, non of this should be aimed at her [sic]"

Another wrote: "Why do you follow Holly if you have this attitude towards her, she's trying her best to stay positive and keep the nation going.

"No need for that comment!! Ignore Holly you're doing amazing so thank you."

A final fan wrote: "now isn’t the time to be mean and negative to holly. We are all in it together and we are all grateful to have @thismorning as a distraction and to break up the day. #letsallbekind [sic]"

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Earlier in the week, the usually bubbly presenter admitted she is suffering from extreme mood swings during the coronavirus lockdown.

She candidly revealed on her ITV daytime show: "I swing between, there's no medium ground. I'm either ridiculously, euphorically happy or desperately sad and I don't know what to do. I just want a medium ground."

She also jokingly said that it feels "like all the adults have left the building" as the country deals with the coronavirus outbreak, while Phillip admitted: "It's all driving us crazy. We're all going slightly mad."

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