Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Waring says her teenage daughter was trolled online

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring has opened up about the vile trolling her teenage daughter was subjected to online.

Stephanie, 42, was speaking on her YouTube series Keep It On The Down Low , where she discussed her terror of social media.

She is mother to Mia, 14, and Lexi, nine, and Mia recently opened an Instagram account.

She previously had an account on the app Musical.y, and vicious trolls targeted her.

Stephanie explained: "Someone had made negative comments to her on the account and I just heard this scream.

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"The crying that came out of her, it was heart-breaking.

"They were calling her ugly, it was horrendous what they were writing.

"I was holding her and thinking, 'Please don't let this affect you. These people don't know you. We love you.’”

She added that she "worries for her kids" in the digital age where everyone is on social media and can be subjected to anonymous abuse.

"It's soul destroying," she said.

Steph, who plays Cindy Cunningham in the Channel 4 soap, also revealed she struggles to deal with negativity online.

She admitted: "Whenever I get a negative comment on social media … I can have loads of comments that are amazing and then this one person will say one thing that will bother me.

"I'll be thinking, 'Why does this person think that?' It'll bother me."

Last year, the mother-of-two opened up about her anorexia battle that hospitalised her when she was 14.

Speaking to New! magazine, the star said: "It was bad, really bad.

"I weighed 4st 7lb. The doctors basically said, 'If you don't go to hospital, you may as well get hit by a bus because you're going to die.''"

Recalling how her eating disorder started, she said: "I was basically a fat kid and I wanted to look good in hotpants. I went on a diet but the diet never ended. "

Steph recalled how she continued to lose "more and more weight" until she eventually became "scared" to eat.

While the actress is now in full health, she added that the eating disorder will "never leave her".

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