How Did 'General Hospital' Star Chad Duell Meet His Girlfriend Courtney Hope?

Romances between soap opera actors are quite common, and General Hospital star Chad Duell seems to understand this well. He is currently dating Courtney Hope, who appears on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Since Duell and Hope are not working on the same show, somefans might be curious about how they crossed paths with each other. How didDuell and Hope meet, and what is their relationship currently like? Here’s whatwe know.

Chad Duell and Courtney Hope met because of another ‘General Hospital’ actor

Couples meeting through mutual friends is a common occurrence around the world. Duell and Hope’s relationship started like this as well. They met at a party and were introduced to each other by Duell’s then-costar, Bryan Craig. Upon talking to one another, Duell and Hope found they had a lot in common.

However, both Duell and Hope admitted to Soaps In Depth they were a bit hesitant about pursuing a relationship at first.

“I wanted to hang out with her,” Duell said, “but part of me knew I would end up dating her. I guess I was scared.”

Meanwhile, Hope wasn’t sure what love was actually supposedto be like. She shared, “My parents always used to tell me love should be easyand with someone who’s your best friend. Growing up, I didn’t believe thatexisted anymore. When I met Chad, it was the first time I ever saw what theywere talking about.”

Duell and Hope began dating soon after and things seem to begoing very well for the couple.

Duell and Hope have been livingtogether for three years

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Duell and Hope have shown their commitment to each other by moving in. They have been living together for three years so far, including riding out the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic side by side.

“We’ve been living together about three years now,” Hopetold“We’re definitely two peas in a pod – we haven’t had any moments where it’slike, ‘I’m sick of you!’ And that’s a good thing.”

As for how they dealt with quarantine, Hope said, “I feltlike there were stages of quarantine – in the beginning we both had a littleanxiety over it, then set an at-home routine so we could be productive. It’sjust us and our three dogs. We like our alone time, too – he likes to play his games,and I like fitness and crafts.”

Duell and Hope try to do romanticthings for each other

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Duell and Hope seem to be at the stage where they arecomfortable with each other, but the couple still tries to doromantic things for each other.

Duell shared with Soaps In Depth that Hope once showed herlove in a rather huge way—she flew him to Japan. He said, “For my birthday,Courtney got me a trip to Japan and a room at the hotel my favorite movie, Lost in Translation, took place in. Thatwas probably the coolest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

Meanwhile, Duell’s gestures for Hope are a bit more subtle, butthey are no less important.

“Being thoughtful is a form of being romantic,” Hope shared.“I’ll come home from a long day at work and he’ll bring me flowers or even justmy favorite protein bar. That means something to me. He’s thinking about me.”

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