‘Iron Man 3′ Star Rebecca Hall Reveals Original Plan for Her Character Maya Hansen!

Iron Man 3‘s Rebecca Hall is speaking up.

The 37-year-old actress spoke to Collider about the original plan for her character, Maya Hansen, in the movie. Warning: spoilers ahead!

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In the interview, she revealed that her character was supposed to make it to the end of the Marvel 2013 movie.

“Yeah! She was meant to be a sort of – oh god, I can’t even remember probably now. In the first script that I read she was in it to the end and she created whatever that serum-y thing was and then she sort of saved it by doing an act of martyrdom at the end and there was a whole like, she was evil but then she tries to be good at the end situation. It was a better part,” she revealed.

Iron Man 3 was originally going to have a female main villain, but a change was reportedly made by Marvel execs.

“The change was brought upon by the higher ups at Marvel (not Marvel Studios) assuming that female character toys don’t sell as well as their male counterparts,” Screen Rant reported.

“While Hall didn’t get into the finer details of what her Iron Man 3 role would’ve been, it seems like Maya’s character arc was somehow maintained – only condensed. In the movie, she backstabs Pepper and Tony by revealing that she’s actually working for Killian but goes on to have a change of heart. However, she didn’t have any time to make amends since the moment she stood up against her boss, he immediately killed her – deeming her unnecessary for his mission.”

This Marvel movie was just postponed amid the global health crisis.

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