Is Queen Elizabeth still salty about the Sussexes not bringing Archie to the UK?

There’s still the belief or theory that because Archie Mountbatten-Windsor is in the line of succession, Queen Elizabeth II could somehow “take custody” of him. Like, there’s a widespread belief that QEII could simply grab the child and claim that Archie is property of the crown and there wouldn’t be anything anyone could do about it. This is false. A similar argument was made when Charles and Diana divorced, there were “scholars” arguing that William and Harry were the heirs, therefore they “belonged” to the Queen and Charles. Diana still got joint custody in the divorce, because even with all the titles, it was still just a standard divorce and custody dispute.

I just bring this up because I’ve noticed the comments on this blog and other places about how the Queen could just, like, “take” Archie. She cannot. It would be kidnapping and it would be a huge crisis if she tried. That is not the reason why Harry and Meghan have not brought Archie back to the UK in 2020. They haven’t brought him back because the Windsors suck and because Archie’s just a baby and he’s not going to be used as a prop in the Windsor psychodrama. Speaking of:

Still holding out hope. Queen Elizabeth II fears she is missing all of Prince Harry’s son Archie’s milestones, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly. The 93-year-old monarch is “heartbroken over the thought of not getting to see her great-grandson,” the source says. “The queen would love to have a relationship with Archie, but it’s looking unlikely that will ever happen.”

Harry and Meghan Markle’s 9-month-old son has been living in Canada with the couple following their decision to step back from their royal duties.

“The queen’s worst fear is that she may never see Archie again,” the source says. “She’s trying to stay optimistic about this situation and would never stoop to casting any aspersions on Meghan’s character – even after everything that’s happened.”

“The last thing Elizabeth wants is for Harry to feel estranged from his family and she made her feelings clear about this in the meeting,” a second source told Us.

According to the first insider, Prince William and Duchess Kate, who will be reunited with Harry and Meghan on March 9, also want to have a relationship with Archie.

“The Cambridges respect that Harry and Meghan have a lot going on,” the source says. “But they feel family should come first.”

[From Us Weekly]

This is passive-aggressive horsesh-t and I have no doubt that the Windsors are all working themselves into a lather about how Evil Meghan is “keeping Archie away” from the family. Meanwhile, the family threw Meghan and Archie to the wolves for months and months. F–k them. And the idea of Will and Kate insisting that “family comes first” is really hilarious. I mean, clearly, they don’t feel that way and it’s just Us Weekly, etc. But lord, these tabloids really have their storyline, don’t they? Poor Old Petty Betty thought she could throw the Sussexes under the bus and still demand to see Archie? As if.

Oh, and Dickie Arbiter had some thoughts too! He told an Australian outlet:

‘I’m sorry, there isn’t an excuse for not bringing him. After all, he’s got to meet his family, his family are not going to get a chance to see him for quite some time, because Harry and Meghan are going to be in Canada or the United States,’ he told Nine News Australia. ‘There’s always the excuse, “Well he’s too young to fly”; babies fly all the time, they flew Archie down to Southern Africa in October for that visit, so it wasn’t too far to take him there, so I believe that they should bring him.’

Asked if it was ‘spiteful’ not to bring him, Dickie replied: ‘Well it is spiteful, it’s inconsiderate as well, and the Queen is going to be 94 in April, she’s not going to be with us much longer. Prince Philip is going to be 99 in June, he’s not going to be here much longer. You’ve got to be practical, he was in hospital at Christmas, he looked pretty frail when he came out, and he’s up at Sandringham, nobody’s seen him, and he is frail. People do get frail at that age and it would be a great pity if Archie wasn’t brought over so that his great-grandparents could see him.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This old bitch would know a lot about spite. If the Queen and Philip needed to see Archie so badly, they should have done something about the smears. And the Queen shouldn’t have exiled the Sussexes when clearly they wanted to still work for her in some capacity.

One more thing: Keir Simmons says Liz doesn’t even like babies.

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