Jared Leto Calls Near-Death Experience During Rock Climbing ‘Strange Moment’

Through a social media post, the ‘Suicide Squad’ actor recounts the scary incident that took place after he lost his footing during a rock climb with ‘Free Solo’ star Alex Honnold.

AceShowbizJared Leto is lucky to be alive after a rock climbing fall.

The Oscar winner was hitting new heights in Nevada on Thursday, March 05 with “Free Solo” star Alex Honnold, when he lost his footing.

Leto, 48, took to Twitter on Friday to tell followers what went down – literally.

“Not to sound dramatic (sic), but this is the day I nearly died,” he wrote. “Took a pretty good fall climbing with @AlexHonnold at Red Rock. Looked up and within seconds the rope was being cut by the rock while I dangled some 600 ft in the air. I remember looking down at the ground below.”

“It was a strange moment – less fear, more matter of fact, and slightly melancholy (sic). The adrenaline came after, when I got back on the wall. But we made it through and lived to see another day.”

And it clearly didn’t put the adventurer off rock climbing: “Overall it was actually quite fun. we continued climbing into the night…”

Jared also shared video from the climb.

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