Jenelle Evans Finally Confesses: YES, I’m Back With David Eason!

We can now safely say that when Jenelle Evans claimed to have separated from David Eason last year, she was lying to the public in a last-ditch effort to save her career.

What fans had hoped would be a step in the right direction for Evans turned out to be nothing more than the latest con perpetrated by a lifelong grifter.

David, of course, was almost certainly involved every step of the way.

After Eason killed Evans' dog, and the resulting CPS investigation caused the the couple to lose custody of their kids, it became clear that Jenelle would never get back on TV as long as she was married to Eason — and so, the couple orchestrated a hoax.

And now, Jenelle is finally — albeit gradually — coming clean.

Take a look:

1.Here We Go Again

2.A Failed Con


4.An Elaborate Hoax

5.Yeah Right

6.Interesting Development

7.Music City Miracle

8.Caught In the Act

9.Barely Hiding It

10.Not as Dumb as She Thinks We Are

11.Dropping Clues

12.One Mistake After Another

13.Partners In Crime

14.Not the Brightest Bulb

15.Yes, She Really Wrote That

16.Painfully Obvious

17.Accidental Honesty

18.Dodging the Question

19.Come Again?

20.Giving Up on a Comeback?

21.Going Off

22.Hard Times on The Land

23.A Lot of Mouths

24.No Income Coming In

25.Tough Talk

26.The Truth

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