Joe Wicks says signing deal with TV network ‘didn’t feel right’

While Joe Wicks ‘is open’ to inking a TV deal one he’s finished with his stupendously successful YouTube PE With Joe series, the Body Coach has said taking his series to a network now ‘didn’t feel right’.

Last month, as he kicked off the YouTube live episodes, with millions tuning in in the first couple of days, Joe was approached by the likes of BBC and Channel 4 to stream on their channels.

Insisting he has no intention of signing any deals with TV networks right now, the 33-year-old Body Coach is not saying no to fronting his own programme once the dust settles.

But right now, we’ll only be seeing it on YouTube.

Speaking to about the deals he’s been offered the past couple of weeks, he says: ‘It was mainly the channels contacting me about doing live streams on channels and regular things, it didn’t feel right.

‘I’m not trying to spite my face, I love TV, but I want to be global. I want to reach families in India and Asia, and Australia, if you go with a channel you limit that.’

He continued: ‘For me, the school stuff is going to stay on YouTube but who knows in the future I might have an idea for a show.

‘I want to wait until I have a great idea. I’m open to the idea of TV but at the moment it’s not happening.’

Having previously fronted three episodes for Channel 4 titled Joe Wicks: The Body Coach, it’s hardly the PT’s first rodeo with TV.

The fitness influencer and father-of-two has recently taken on the role of the country’s PE teacher, drawing in more than 30 million viewers to his morning exercise sessions following the closure of the UK’s schools under coronavirus lockdown.

It comes as Joe announced that any ad revenue he was bringing in from the daily video workouts would be donated to the NHS.

Not in it for the dosh, last week Joe raised $100,000 (£80k) for his 9am squats and burpees instalments.

Not too sure how much money he’s raised since last week – but knowing the figure as gone up – he continued: ‘As long as I’m doing these workouts specifically for schools, the money is going to go to the NHS. It’s the right thing to do, it feels right and I’m so glad I did that.’

PE With Joe continues 9am Monday on YouTube.

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