Jonathan Van Ness Shaves Off His Iconic Facial Hair While Self-Quarantining : See Before & After Pic

Jonathan Van Ness – what did you DO to yourself? Cabin fever seemed to drive the ‘Queer Eye’ star bonkers, and he shaved off his trademark mustache!

Some people are handing the coronavirus outbreak than others. Some are figuring out new and delightful ways to endure life during quarantine. Others are seemingly buckling under pressure, like Jonathan Van Ness. Though the Queer Eye star often transforms subjects with just a pair of scissors and a dash of fabulousness, what he revealed on Mar. 21 was a total shock. “This is officer Van Ness. Don’t try new lewks during quarantine,” he captioned the photo of his upper lip, completely shaved clean. Somehow, Jonathan looked less than his adorable self and more like he was the lead singer of a late 90s nu-metal band.

“I’m shaving this chin thing off now just was aghast at how I look,” added Jonathan, clearly realizing how close he came to auditioning for Puddle Of Mudd, Staind, P.O.D. or any other act that once toured with Ozzfest. “It’s very 90s “I listen to alternative rock and wear slightly flared JNCOs with Vans” kind of look,” one fan wrote in the comments section. “I got Limp Bizkit vibes from this look omg” “I almost thought by accident was following Chad Kroeger.” “You look like you’re about to drop the hottest numetal track of 2005.”

“Hahaha. Omg! It’s like you never left Quincy!” fellow-Queer Eye Bobby Berk wrote in the comments, referencing JVN’s hometown of Quincy, Illinois. Along with JVN, notable people from Quincy include Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay and the late Ike Samuels, former third baseman for the then-St. Louis Browns (who’d become the St. Louis Cardinals.) JVN looked like a “minor league baseball player” to one fan. Needless to say, JVN struck out with this look.

Here’s hoping that JVN can grow back his full beard ASAP. Though, to his credit, he’s not the only one going shear crazy during the lockdown. Pink’s husband Carey Hart enlisted the help of their 8-year-old daughter Willow to shave him bald. “So, I figure I won’t be able to go to the barbershop anytime soon,” Carey said in a follow-up video. It’s kinda drastic, but when you’re under quarantine, drastic becomes the norm.

At least these guys aren’t LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers star, who is currently under quarantine after his squad was possibly exposed to four Brooklyn Nets players with coronavirus, said that his beard has him looking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. At least, he’s making the best out of things by making cute TikTok videos with the James Gang.

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