Kanye West’s Team Flies To Wyoming For Support & Help Him With Medical Treatment Following Alarming Tweets

Kanye West is getting the support he needs from some members of his team while in Wyoming.

A source spoke to People magazine with an update in the situation after the -year-old rapper and Presidential hopeful shared a string of alarming tweets after confessing he considered abortion with his first daughter, North.

Kanye‘s childhood friends from Chicago, Don “Don C” Crawley and John Monopoly, both flew to Cody, Wyoming, to support him, as well as his manager Bu Thiam.

“They are very concerned about his mental health and taking action,” the inside shared with the magazine. “They are working to get him the help he needs. He’s been seen by a doctor. He was assessed, and the assessment on Monday determined that he did not need immediate hospitalization and that he was in a stable mental state at the time.”

They added, “Don C was the best man at Kanye’s wedding and an executive at his G.O.O.D. Music label. John Monopoly is Kanye’s former manager. Those close to him are concerned, and this is everyone’s top priority to make sure that he’s safe and getting the help he needs.”

Kanye went on a Twitter rant earlier this week, which raised panic amongst his fans and family, including wife Kim Kardashian.

You can read what she shared in response to his tweets, offering her support due to his bipolar disorder diagnosis. However, she was also very upset about his abortion comments he made.

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