Kelly Brook has revealed that she's been left 'in so much pain' after a peel

Former glamour model Kelly Brook has revealed that she’s been left ‘in agony’ after undergoing a chemical peel on her face.

The 42-year-old model has revealed that she was left sobbing after cooling creams were applied to her face in order to counteract the pain, but they left her mascara running down her cheeks.

Kelly is the host of an evening radio show, that she resides over with fellow DJ Jason ‘JK’ King on Heart FM and she felt she had to reveal the cause of her apparent distress.

Taking to the airwaves on Monday night, Kelly told her 47-year-old Heart Drive co-star that she’d been left suffering after her most recent beauty treatment.

She told Heart FM listeners she’s in ‘loads of pain’, with her co-host JK describing her as face as ‘bright red’

Opening the segment, the Mirror reports Kelly said: ‘Have you ever looked in the mirror and you’ve got like something hanging out of your nose or there’s something on your face, and no colleague has told you about it and you’re like ‘how long have I walked around like that for today?’

‘Well I literally had mascara all down my face, like it had looked like I had been crying for like days.’

‘And this is because I’ve had to put so much cream on my face. Because I’ve burnt my face. I’ve burnt it all over, I’m in so much pain. I’ve done a chemical peel haven’t I…again.’

She wailed: ‘I never learn, I never learn… I’m shedding like a snake.’

Co-star JK then said: ‘I just thought it was part of your regime.’

In response, Kelly quipped: ‘What having mascara all down my face? No…it’s because all my makeup is smudged, because I’ve got so much cream on to try and take down the swelling.’

JK then responded: ‘If I had said to you that you’ve got mascara on your eyes and you’d said ‘no, that’s my puffy peel’, then I can’t win!’

In response, Kelly said: ‘Urgh, why do I do it? It’s something that’s supposed to make you look good.’

The star also revealed how she’d dropped a dress size in November after she’d piled the pounds on in lockdown.

Speaking to the Sun, she gave her top tips for a balanced diet: ‘You need to Banish the shame. I have positive self-esteem and am happy to accept myself – cellulite, warts and all! 

‘Being kinder to ourselves and letting go of shame and guilt helps us to stick to our goals long term.

‘I never say no to something I really want BUT it’s all about checks and balances.  I work to the 80:20 rule. I know that if I eat well and enjoy balanced nutritious meals I will feel and look better.

‘Don’t beat yourself up about yesterday or last year – focus on the positive changes you can make today and tomorrow’

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