Kevin Hart Spilled Pineapple Juice on Beyonce – Get the Details!

Sharing the story in a video posted on his Instagram account, the ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ actor spills that the incident happened during NBA All-Star Weekend.

AceShowbizKevin Hart has some confessions to make as he’s self-isolating in his house amid the Coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, March 30, the actor and comedian recalled an awkward moment he had with both Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z during an encounter at a VIP section in a nightclub.

According to Kevin, the incident happened during NBA All-Star Weekend. “Bey and Hov to the club, I go to the club. I see Hov at a different section,” he said, adding that he decided to greet the couple. “We were talking. It was a great conversation, and you know, I don’t even know Bey is there.” Kevin went on saying that he went to grab a pineapple juice while talking with Hov, but ended up spilling it over.

Instead of picking it up, Kevin alleged that he and some others were merely watching the pineapple juice. Meanwhile, Hov turned around to check on Bey before telling Kevin, “You just spilled pineapple juice all over my wife’s f***ing legs and shoes.” That was when Kevin noticed Hov was with Bey, who got busy wiping the juice.

Kevin obviously felt bad over what he did, so he “reached in my pocket, I grabbed some money” and gave it to Hov. He recalled telling the rapper, “This is the best that I can do. ‘Cause I feel bad, man. Don’t fight me over this, just take it. …I felt s**t. I got Bey sticky.” Hov eventually assured that he wasn’t mad at the “Jumanji: The Next Level” actor.

“I left, walked out… I looked over at Hov, see him look down on his hand. I can tell he did, ’cause he’s shaking his head and he looking for me,” Kevin continued. “See the look of disgust on his face. I gave him $20. That’s all I had on me at the time.” He jokingly ended his story by saying he only paid for the juice and not for Bey’s new shoes.

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